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Florian Bruniaux

VP of Engineering at Cheerz

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Florian is senior software engineering manager with 10 years of experience building SAAS products and tech/product teams.

He had the opportunity to recruit nearly 40 people (tech & product) and has scaled many teams (existing & from scratch) in several companies. He’s used to build engineering culture and organize tech teams to maximize their efficiency.

Fervent promoter of remote, he has piloted distributed teams in “full remote” in different countries and time zones; Thereby he knows well the processes to promote asynchronicity (strong writing culture, mastery of tools, framing of meetings, etc.).

Having worked on the creation of several SAAS products (from scratch or refactoring of existing monoliths) he knows how to adapt the right methodologies to the life cycles of a product.

VP of engineering
Jan 2021 - Today- 1 year 10 months

Missions :
- Co-construct with the CTO and the Principal Engineer the company's technical strategy by pooling all the contextual elements: business, budgetary, technological, operational, technical and human
- Hierarchical management of 3 platforms : infra, backend, web (Half-yearly and annual reviews, HR topics...)
- Organize the technical division by structuring the different teams and their processes according to their operational scope and their skills. Example: working methods, organizational and operational improvement, Agility, TDD/BDD software quality approach, etc.
- Develop the performance of development teams (speed, software quality) by working cross-functionally on the organization, methods and tools.
- Build the human growth strategy of the tech organization, in collaboration with HR and involving tech managers in the definition of team life cycle processes (recruitment, career path, onboarding, offboarding, etc.)
- Animate Tech passion through internal (talks, meetup) or external (conference, training) events


Support for 3 platforms and therefore teams (back, infra, web) as a team and individually in order to develop technical skills and soft-skills so that they collectively deliver maximum value with speed and quality. Tooling and infrastructure budget management, recruitment & onboarding, organizational and operational improvement, technical animation & events.

Oct. 2018 - Jan. 2021 - 2 years 4 months

eXplain is a leading tech company providing tools to understand and engage audiences at a local level.

Its clients include both Presidents and local officials, global industrial corporations and retail firms.

Its products are:
- Goodwill, local territory and influencers detection and comprehension
- Pivot, an AI-powered, RGPD-compliant web and mobile platform for local public opinion analysis and professional, data-driven communications campaigns.
- Fully integrated door-to-door campaigns to engage with local citizens.

Learn more at

My missions :
- Recruit and constitute a tech team (front, back, devops, ui/ux, data ..)
- Participate to eXplain's vision
- Coach & challenge team members
- Drive changes
- Technical mentoring
- Ensure quality & availability

Lead Software Engineer
Oct 2017 - Sep 2018 - 1 year

Q°emotion is a professional solution based on AI to detect people's emotions. Its SaaS platform provides emotional analytics & predictions to help companies improve Customer Experience, Loyalty and Employees Engagement. Its predictive emotional technology detects critical & warning situations.

My missions :
- Recruitment
- Coach & challenge team members
- Drive changes
- Technical mentoring
- Lead application's refac (split monolithic app into micro services)
- Ensure quality & availability
- Maintain servers
- Development

Stack : Ruby on rails, Python (flask, spacy), React, AWS, Elasticsearch, Postgresql

Lead developer
Sept. 2014 - Oct. 2017 - 3 year 2 months

For several years and in close collaboration with the company E-Motors, Aussiito has been developing a powerful tool that meets the requirements of professionals in the automotive sector as closely as possible. Thanks to this daily partnership in the field, they were able to deepen the needs of each of the departments, allowing them to eliminate non-value-added tasks and focus on the very essence of the business: customer relations.

The solution, made up of several tools, therefore combines both in-depth customer relationship management (CRM) combined with a high-performance telephone system, and an integrated management software package (PGI/ERP), bringing together the responses to all services.

Missions :
- Supervise, coordinate and coach my team of 8 developers (1 UI/UX designer, 2 Front, 5 Full-stack).
- Development (back & front)
- Ensure the maintenance and evolution of the current internal CRM
- Provide technical support for various applications / software (continuous integration, 2 production updates per day)
- Provide optimized technical solutions to each business problem
- Coordinate the various telecom providers, infra...
- R&D
- Constantly innovating, learning and building skills ... all as a team!

- Redesign of the IS architecture
- Redesign of the infra (integration of new servers, virtualization, containerization, infra cloud ..)
- Continuous migration of internal CRM (~1M lines of code) to Symfony 3
- And various innovative projects aimed at optimizing the business processes of our customers

Full Stack Engineer
Jul 2012 - Jan 2013 - 7 months

Creation of a multi-browser extension allowing the exchange of know-how between the different users of internal applications. This internship took place at Decathlon Campus, international headquarters of the Oxylane network, within the Supply-Chain project team.

The project consisted in proving the feasibility and developing the first functional prototype of a tool for optimizing exchanges between the various user entities of internal applications with the aim of promoting the exchange of application know-how.

My work was organized in several stages:
- Realize a proof of feasibility (POC)
- Perform a benchmark of existing solutions
- Develop a functional prototype of the extension (agile Scrum method)
- Create an administration site (Back-office)
- Present the project at the "IT days 2012" fair
RQ: I obtained the 4th place on more than 50 projects and the 1st place of the BU Brands IT. This show was therefore a success and aroused the interest of many people.
- Find a massive distribution solution (Showcase site)

The challenge was to convince the various management teams of the interest of such a collaborative tool in order to release a budget allowing the project to be launched.

The project was a success since the company decided to continue it. Initially with another intern (due to a lack of budget).

Stack: JavaScript, GWT, Java environment (J2EE, Maven, Spring, Eclipse ...), Database (PostgreSQL),

Missions: Design, Development, Unit Testing and Code Review (Sonar etc), UX Design & Development, Content Management

Full Stack Engineer
August 2013 - August 2014 - 1 year 1 month

roject: Optimization of the packing process

This mission is carried out as part of an end-of-study work-study contract. I will finish my course at the University of Technology of Troyes in alternation with the Nuclear Center for Electricity Production (CNPE) in Nogent-sur-Seine.

As part of controlling the fire risk and maintaining an exemplary state of the Nuclear plant installations, my mission consists of leading the implementation of a computer tool (analysis, design, development, deployment, acceptance, training) allowing automate packing management and other related processes.

Goals :

• Audit of the main process and related processes:
Analysis then modeling (ARIS)

• Writing documentation:
Study note, Functional specifications, Technical specifications

• Proposal of models:
Low fidelity (Balsamiq) and high fidelity (html5/css3)

• Iterative development (Scrum):
The project is based on the entire recent JavaScript ecosystem: Backbone, Marionette, Require, Node, Express, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Karma, Jasmine, serverless NoSQL databases (NeDB)...

My project will allow to prove that we can stably insert recent technologies in an older environment and to lay the foundations of a framework for the rapid design of mobile applications.

• Unit tests
Tools: Karma, Jasmine

• Quality Control :
Tools: Jshint, Jslint, SonarQube

• Receipts

• Deployment + distribution:
Deployment of the application within the group nuclear power plants interested in the project in the form of a classic "desktop" application (web application "wrapped" as an executable using node-webkit)

• User training:
Finally, I will be in charge of the handover (change of service provider) and training of the EDF teams in order to ensure the understanding and proper application of the new process.

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