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Aymeric Grange
Co-founder at 900.care

Aymeric Grange, après une grande école de commerce, a travaillé comme consultant en stratégie de biens de consommation, entre Paris et New York.

Avec son associé Thomas Arnaudo, ils fondent une marque zéro déchet pour salles de bain : 900.Care. Une entreprise qui lutte contre les déchets plastiques dans la salle de bain. Leur concept repose sur des flacons en plastique recyclé réutilisables et des recharges en carton, réduisant ainsi le plastique à usage unique. Ils ont développé des produits innovants, comme le gel douche sous forme de bâtonnet, pour réduire le transport d'eau et les émissions de carbone.

Aymeric Grange et son équipe ont réussi à mobiliser une communauté engagée grâce à des campagnes de financement participatif.

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Marjolaine Grondin
CEO and Co-Founder at Jam - Forbes 30

Marjolaine Grondin is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Jam, a Messenger media for 15-25-year-olds, recently acquired by June Marketing agency. She completed a double master's program at HEC and has a background in Sciences Po and the University of Berkeley, where her passion for entrepreneurship took root.

She is renowned for her achievements, including being part of Forbes' 30 Under 30 and MIT’s Top Innovators Under 35. Marjolaine was the first female entrepreneur to speak at Facebook's F8 conference and was recognized as one of France's top 20 entrepreneurs in 2021.

Marjolaine is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals in creating fulfilling and authentic lives by reconnecting with themselves, others, and nature. She travels across Europe to share her insights on new work paradigms and the societal, economic, and philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence. Her current projects include the development of innovative living and creative spaces, as well as editorial work as the French ambassador for Adobe. Additionally, she pursues her passions as a DJ and avid surfer 🏄‍♀️

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Jonathan Anguelov
Founder at AirCall (🦄 Unicorn status) & Investor

Jonathan Anguelov, a well-known figure in the French Tech scene, co-founded AirCall, a BtoB startup valued at over a billion euros. Under his leadership, AirCall achieved an annual recurring revenue exceeding 100 million euros, reaching Unicorn status and earning the exclusive Centaur distinction, limited to just 150 elite companies worldwide.

With an estimated wealth of 300 million euros, Jonathan's success is rooted in his strong entrepreneurial skills and wise investment decisions. Currently, he focuses on real estate investments through his company, Aguesseau Capital, with assets totaling 60 million euros.

Additionally, he supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a business angel, having invested in over 40 thriving startups.

500€ / 30 min
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