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Georges Abi-Heila
Head of Growth at Chance, Sunday, Too Good To Go & eFounders

Georges is a versatile and no-nonsense marketer with over 12 years of experience leading growth in both early-stage environments (eFounders/Hexa & YC alumni) and hyper-growth companies (as Vice President at Too Good To Go, Sunday, and Chance).

His expertise covers six key growth topics, allowing him to drive significant results and provide top-tier services to ambitious and purpose-driven organizations. Georges has honed this expertise through diverse roles at notable companies like Chance, Sunday, TooGoodToGo, Station, Hexa (formerly eFounders), and Capgemini Invent.

In his roles at Chance, Sunday, TooGoodToGo, Station, Hexa, and Capgemini Invent, Georges has driven impactful changes. He has aligned career goals with personal identities at Chance, streamlined dining experiences at Sunday, and promoted sustainable practices at TooGoodToGo. At Station, he enhanced web app productivity, and at Hexa, he played a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge SaaS solutions. His work at Capgemini Invent involved creating innovative solutions for complex business technology challenges.

As the Head of Growth at Too Good To Go and Sunday, Georges's leadership was crucial in accelerating their growth, leveraging his experience with eFounders and YC alumni to deepen his understanding of the startup ecosystem.

Georges's approach is straightforward: he cuts through the noise and focuses on what truly drives growth. This approach has been instrumental in both his success and the success of the organizations he has been a part of

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JB Jezequel
Co-Founder at Evaboot

JB grew Evaboot's revenue from 0 to $2M in Annual Recurring Revenue. All that being the only person in charge of client acquisition.

That led him to develop a lot of B2B Lead Generation skills ย in areas like SEO, YouTube, LinkedIn, and email prospecting.โ€

He's deeply passionate about building Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Monetization strategies for B2B businesses.

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Antoine Leprince
Global Senior Director of RevOps at Botify

RevOps, or Revenue Operations, plays a crucial role in eliminating operational silos and harmonizing the entire revenue cycle with the customer experience, encompassing strategy, analytics, data, technology, and processes.

Antoine brings over five years of specialized experience in RevOps, demonstrating a keen ability to develop robust mechanisms for organizational growth. Throughout his career, he has successfully established comprehensive RevOps frameworks within a range of companies, from small and medium businesses like EasyMovie to larger enterprises such as Botify. His responsibilities spanned across Marketing Operations, Sales Operations, and Customer Success Operations, covering various regions including the US, EMEA, and APAC.

Beyond his direct involvement in shaping RevOps functions, Antoine has provided strategic guidance to burgeoning firms such as, and has contributed as an operational angel investor to over a dozen companies, including Sami, Elax, and Alegria, leveraging his expertise to foster growth and operational excellence.

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Clementine Loizillon
Directrice de Participations - OKOLA

Clรฉmentine Loizillon is a dynamic executive with a rich background in driving human resources innovation at Doctolib, fostering international tech communities as President of La French Tech Istanbul, and currently leading philanthropic efforts as the Director of Participations at Okola. At Doctolib, she was pivotal in developing a people-centric culture, establishing comprehensive training programs, and significantly contributing to the company's rapid expansion through strategic talent acquisition and development. Her leadership extended beyond corporate boundaries, enhancing French tech's global footprint through community building and support for startups in Istanbul.

Transitioning her focus towards social impact, Clรฉmentine now spearheads initiatives at Okola, dedicated to improving the well-being of children across France. Her work encompasses supporting organizations in child protection, early childhood, and mental health, showcasing her versatility and commitment to making a difference. In coaching sessions, Clรฉmentine leverages her extensive experience to offer insights into strategic HR management, leadership in tech and innovation, philanthropy, and career development, guiding individuals and organizations towards achieving their goals with a purpose-driven approach.

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Simon Laurino
Head Of Growth Market at Qobra

With 6 years of experience in tech scale-ups like Heetch, Partoo, Qobra, Simon is a Marketing leader who loves to build strategies to impact one thing, revenue.

He's an expert in Growth & Marketing on several channels, Go To Market, outbound, Nurturing, paid acquisition and demand generation to drive revenue.He loves to speak about Sales & Marketing organization and it's a marketing leader with a high revenue touch.After several years at Heetch & Partoo, he arrived at Qobra as a third employee and he's a big part of the Qobra Scale (from 4 to 50 employees with Seed and Serie A in two years). He has a strong appetite for market segmentation and creates Marketing strategies to achieve company targets.

In addition to being a T-Shaped Marketer with strong Sales & Marketing skills, he really enjoyed talking to people and helping them to bring real value.

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Soufiane Marhraoui
General Manager at Taptap Send | Ex-Head Of Operations Africa at Glovo

Soufianeโ€™s journey began in the African Food Delivery sector with Glovo, where he honed his expertise in operations and expansion working across 7 countries, demonstrating his skills in leadership, team management, and operations. His expertise extends to P&L management, recruiting, and marketing.This experience laid a solid foundation for his transition to the fintech industry, as the current General Manager for Morocco at TapTap Send, driving growth and profitability.His path illustrates a seamless shift from one dynamic sector to another, underscoring his versatility as a business generalist capable of navigating complex challenges.

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Kevin Adoul
Growth advisor Ex Ankorstor

Kevin is a b2b acquisition expert with 6 years' experience in B2B growth marketing.
After launching a marketplace in a startup studio, he helped Ankorstore structure its growth strategy and now advises high-profile post-Serie A startups.

Kevin has also created two SaaS software applications for b2b sales teams from scratch, with a total of 1,500 users.

Kevin will bring a critical eye to the structuring of your acquisition during an intensive consulting session

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Marie-Lou Girard
Co-founder Growth Hiring

Marie-Lou is an entrepreneur and growth marketing expert with 10 years experience at Canal+, Banque Populaire, ONU, Meero and various startups. She has built media and communities of several thousand people. She can guide you in shaping your marketing strategy, building brand awareness, creating media and communities, and boosting sales.

She has been coaching startups incubated at Station F for 2 years in this 30-minute format, and was voted one of her incubator's favorite coaches for her ultra-concrete advices and ROI-oriented approach.

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Juliette Hervรฉ
Growth Marketing Freelancer

Juliette has been a Growth Marketing specialist for 7 years, including 4 in a challenging hyper-growth environment at Spendesk (26th French Unicorn). From the start until the series D fundraising, she set up the French Growth Marketing strategy, a market that has since generated the most revenue.

For the past 2 years, she has been helping companies create and optimize their marketing strategies. She also enjoys being a trainer and speaker on all topics related to Growth Marketing.

Overall, Juliette can help you with your 360ยฐ marketing strategy to help you scale. Let's talk about branding, personas, inbound marketing, growth hacking, social selling, SEO, data, nurturing, events, product marketing, recruitment, etc.

She is also very organized, always looking for ways to be more productive, and will share with you all of her templates and processes so you can easily replicate them in your company!

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Aurelien Aubert
CEO and Founder at Cargo

Aurรฉlien is an expert in data, engineering and growth, he worked as a lead engineer, founder and growth engineer.

He was one of the first Spendesk employees working as a lead developer in the growth team, working hand in hand with the sales and marketing team to boost revenue. He then swith to the product team working on the billing system and strategy.

He founded and lead several projects like Cargo and Truckit. His polyvalence and entrepreneurial spirit will be a major asset for strategic decisions.

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Louis-Victor Morgaut
Founder & CEO at Better Call

I'm Louis-Victor, an expert in product and design with diverse experience as a Head of Product, Product Manager, Designer, and Founder. I played a role in driving Spendesk's growth from the 20th employee to achieving unicorn status.

Later, I joined Joe as the Head of Product to develop their innovative BNPL application. Additionally, I co-founded projects such as Blotter, Stapler, and Better Call. My passion for product design and UX drives me to prioritize the construction of high-quality user experiences based on comprehensive needs analysis.

With my skills in product management, design, and entrepreneurship, I'm fully prepared to contribute to the development of revenue-generating products that delight customers.

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Our customers love us ๐Ÿ’œ

It's been a while we were thinking about changing our Go-To-Market strategy with my co-founder. We had instincs on what needed to be done but we wanted to get validation from experienced people in our niche. We booked 3 calls with 3 expert in 3 days. It didn't fail. They help use refine our strategy in details and helped us build a clear roadmap for the next year.
Better Call is now my go-to ressource when I need quick inputs from experts on a specific topics.

Jean-Baptiste Jezequel

Co-Founder Evaboot

A high-quality solution for swiftly connecting with technology experts. Better Call offers pertinent responses that significantly expedite the advancement of projects.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend it for anyone seeking efficient and reliable tech consultations.

Rayan Benamour

Project Manager Stratรฉgie & Dรฉveloppement chez LPH

Great experience on Better Call! In just a few clicks, we can easily organize a fruitful exchange with an expert on our current issue.

In one word: efficient.

Andrรฉas Lambropoulos

CPO and co-founder of Tripartie

I was looking for real strategic and hands-on expertise on a specific topic (SEO). Thanks to Better Call, I was able to book a call with JB, one of the top experts in the field, in less than 2 days. ย 
In just 30 minutes of the call, JB was able to provide me with a wealth of highly actionable advice for the short term, no nonsense. We easily saved several hours of work.
The ability to tap into the best experts on each subject is an invaluable resource for any business leader.

Franรงois Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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