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Jonathan Anguelov
Founder at AirCall, valued at over $1 Billion & Investor

Jonathan Anguelov, a well-known figure in the French Tech scene, co-founded AirCall, a BtoB startup valued at over a billion euros. Under his leadership, AirCall achieved an annual recurring revenue exceeding 100 million euros, reaching Unicorn status and earning the exclusive Centaur distinction, limited to just 150 elite companies worldwide.

With an estimated wealth of 300 million euros, Jonathan's success is rooted in his strong entrepreneurial skills and wise investment decisions. Currently, he focuses on real estate investments through his company, Aguesseau Capital, with assets totaling 60 million euros.

Additionally, he supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a business angel, having invested in over 40 thriving startups.

Session :
600 €
Martin Jouanneau
Ex New Balance General Manager for 14 years, entrepreneur, and author

Martin Jouanneau has significantly influenced the sports equipment industry as the General Manager of the French subsidiary of New Balance for 14 years, during which he propelled the brand to an unprecedented level of success and recognition in France. His career began after completing studies in Literatture, enriched by a rewarding experience as a French teacher in West Africa, adding a cultural and international dimension to his professional profile.

At New Balance, Martin started as a technical advisor before taking on the role of General Manager of the French subsidiary, where he successfully led for over a decade. His leadership was characterized by sustained growth, product innovation, and strengthening the brand in the French market. After his time at New Balance, he joined Mizuno, continuing to exert a notable influence in the sports industry.

In parallel, Martin launched the brands Bluedy and Tinnson, highlighting his commitment to design and innovation. Bluedy stands out for its unique approach to shoe design, inspired by values of harmony and unity, and by an aesthetic influenced by the blue sky and music.

Besides his achievements in the shoe industry, Martin Jouanneau has also shared his experiences and reflections through several publications. His books, "De 0 à 5 Milliards", "Afric", and "Virage", cover a range of topics from his years at New Balance to his experience in Africa, and his beginnings as a fiction writer.

Martin's career path is marked by a diversity of experiences and constant success, reflecting his ability to innovate and lead in a competitive environment, while contributing to culture and intellectual dialogue through his writings.

Session :
Aymeric Grange
Co-founder at

Aymeric Grange, after graduating from a leading business school, worked as a consumer goods strategy consultant in Paris and New York.

Together with his partner Thomas Arnaudo, they founded a zero-waste bathroom brand: 900.Care. A company fighting against plastic waste in bathrooms. Their concept is based on reusable recycled plastic bottles and cardboard refills, thus reducing single-use plastics.

They have developed innovative products, such as shower gel in stick form, to reduce water transport and carbon emissions. Aymeric Grange and his team have managed to mobilize a committed community through crowdfunding campaigns.

Session :
300 €
Éric Larchevêque
Founder of Ledger and Coinhouse, valued at over $1 Billion - Host of 'Qui veut être mon associé?' on M6.

Éric Larchevêque, the co-founder of Ledger, is a distinguished figure in the entrepreneurial and investment world. As an engineering student, he launched his first web startup in 1996. His career spans diverse fields, including poker and real estate in Latvia, along with founding and selling several companies. Notably, he established and later sold Montorgueil, a company focused on content monetization and entertainment, in 2007, and Prixing, a price comparison mobile app, acquired by HighCo in 2013.

A pioneer in cryptocurrencies, Larchevêque founded La Maison du Bitcoin in 2014, the first physical space for purchasing crypto-assets, now known as Coinhouse and led by Nicolas Louvet since 2017. In the same year, he co-founded Ledger with Joël Pobeda and Nicolas Bacca. Ledger quickly grew into a global leader in cryptocurrency wallets and became the 15th French unicorn after raising over 400 million euros. Larchevêque led Ledger until 2019, later serving as the Chairman of the Board and then a board member.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Larchevêque has invested in numerous projects and companies. Since 2020, he has been a part of the M6 show "Qui veut être mon associé?" (Shark Tank), supporting entrepreneurs in securing funding. Deeply connected to his roots in Vierzon, he has been involved in educational projects in the Centre-Val de Loire region. In 2022, he co-founded ALGOSUP, an innovative computer science school. He currently resides in Sologne with his family, embracing a tranquil, nature-oriented lifestyle.

Session :
Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz
30 years experience as Investor, Board Member, 5x Founder

Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz is a powerhouse in entrepreneurship and investment, demonstrating a robust track record across various sectors, participating in over 70 financing transactions, with 25 exits to date, including 3 exceeding $1 billion in valuation each (2 IPOs, 18 M&A, only 5 bankruptcies). In addition to investing, Rodrigo consults with corporates and startups, offering his strategic insights and broad network to assist in their growth and establishing successful partnerships.

As a respected thought leader, Rodrigo is a sought-after speaker, startup mentor, jury member in startup competitions, and occasional lecturer at top-tier graduate schools. He also actively participates in the podcasting space, contributing to over 800 podcasts in the past decade, and providing insightful commentary on the business aspects of technology. Multilingual in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Thai, Rodrigo brings to bear his global perspectives and multifaceted skills in all his endeavors, standing as a versatile professional and an adventurous life explorer.

Session :
Christophe Vaudable
CDO at Pierre et Vacances - Center Parcs

With over a decade of experience across leading companies such as Aramis Group, OuiCar (now Turo), and Pierre et Vacances – Center Parcs, Christophe has proven himself to be a versatile data expert. He specializes in enhancing the value of data assets for both digital-first and traditional companies and spearheading data transformation initiatives. As the Data Director for OuiCar and LeCab, two pioneering digital platforms in ride-hailing and car sharing, Christophe established the data department from the ground up, generating over 1 million in value through data-driven activities in under two years. His efforts in pricing optimization at AramisGroup resulted in significant value creation within months.

Christophe's career spans a variety of settings, from tech startups like OuiCar (now Turo), AramisGroup, and LeCab, to established European firms such as Manutan and the Pierre et Vacances – Center Parcs Group. In each role, he has been instrumental in either founding data departments or profoundly transforming data operations.

His analytical prowess is backed by a strong academic foundation in research, with a focus on data science and statistical analysis, coupled with extensive management experience leading teams of 5 to 60 members. Christophe is uniquely qualified to enhance or establish your company's data organization, maximize the potential of data assets, and uncover opportunities for data activation.

Session :
Salomon Aiach
General Partner @ Origins - Early-Stage Tech investor

Salomon is an early-stage tech investor. He is the co-founder & General Partner of Origins, a VC fund that he co-founded with world champion Blaise Matuidi. Origins is a B2C & B2B2C VC fund with mainly celebrities as LP's. He invests mostly in companies where the end-user is a consumer.

Prior to Origins, Salomon was in charge of launching the French office for Earlybird (one the leading VCs in Europe with $2Bn AUM). He also worked at Facebook in their Paris office and Goldman Sachs in their NYC office. Salomon graduated from Boston University with honors.

Session :
William Hauvette
CEO at Asphalte

William Hauvette stands at the forefront of Asphalte, a pioneering brand transforming the sustainable fashion industry with its revolutionary pre-order model. Under his visionary leadership, Asphalte has not only achieved an impressive turnover of 20 million euros but has also established itself as a leader in eco-responsible fashion. This remarkable success is a testament to William's innovative approach, which introduced a sales system based entirely on pre-orders and crowdfunding. This operational model minimizes waste and costs by producing only what has been sold, thereby reducing intermediaries and promoting ethical production in Italy or Portugal.

William embodies the spirit of the modern entrepreneur—agile, resilient, and deeply committed to ethics and sustainability. He has skillfully steered Asphalte through challenging economic times while maintaining responsible business practices, showcasing exceptional leadership and strategic skills. His journey is living proof that innovation, combined with a meaningful mission, can lead to not only a successful business but also a profound and lasting influence on an entire industry.

Asphalte, under William's guidance, does not just sell clothing. The brand offers an innovative vision of fashion, where quality, durability, and accessibility harmoniously meet. William's story, marked by an ability to see beyond obstacles and transform them into opportunities, serves as inspiration and motivation for a new generation of entrepreneurs. It encourages them to pursue their passions with determination while adopting a responsible approach towards their community and the environment. William Hauvette and Asphalte brilliantly illustrate how ambition and responsibility can come together to redefine the standards of the fashion industry for the years to come.

Session :
Ilan Abehassera
Founder of Origins, Async, Willo & Investor

With over 15 years of experience as a tech entrepreneur, he has co-founded and led several successful startups in the SAAS and consumer sectors, raising many millions in total funding and reaching millions of users worldwide. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Async, the only tool that liberates your calendar with voice messages that can be read, reacted to, and shared with anyone. Previously, he co-founded Willo, which raised $25M with Kleiner Perkins and received Time's best invention of the year award.

He is also an angel investor and co-founder of Origins alongside ⚽️ world champion Blaise Matuidi, an early-stage venture firm that supports legendary consumer founders with an unfair advantage from seed to series A. Their LPs are primarily athletes, celebrities, and investors with significant social media influence, forming a powerful community of 160 million followers. He leverages the influence of their LPs to boost awareness and growth for the startups they invest in.

Session :
Raphael Cohen
Ex CPO at Waze and Product Director at Google

As the CPO for Waze, Raphael Cohen oversees the company’s product vision and execution, playing a crucial role in product development landscape.

A native of Paris, Raphael graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), specializing in Digital Signal Processing and Information Theory. His professional journey began as an Algorithms Engineer for wireless communications systems, followed by co-founding an algo-trading company, later acquired by a global finance player. Subsequently, he led Product for DesignArt Networks, a key player in the nascent 4G infrastructure market, later acquired by Qualcomm. Raphael took charge of the base station's product line, showcasing his strategic leadership.

Following successful exits, he joined Google as Product Lead, launching Waze Carpool, before assuming his current role, leading all Waze Product and UX efforts since 2018. Beyond his professional endeavors, Raphael, a husband and father of four, resides in Israel's countryside among vineyards and palm trees.

Currently, as the CEO and founder of, Raphael focuses on building a decentralized network of brands and consumers, aiming to create a better business model for the internet.

Session :
Raphael Vullierme
Co-founder & CEO at Luko

Raphaël Vullierme is a notable European tech entrepreneur with a history of launching and scaling innovative startups. Educated at INSA Lyon and HEC Paris, he initiated his entrepreneurial journey by founding goodfood, a pioneering meal delivery service. He expanded his influence internationally with Rocket Internet in Berlin, leading the launch of across Europe and establishing a significant presence in the vertically integrated food delivery sector.

Venturing into the private aviation industry, Raphaël launched, raising €2.5 million and building a cross-continental team, showcasing his capacity for international project management. In 2016, he co-founded Luko with Benoît Bourdel, aiming to revolutionize the home insurance market. Luko quickly became France's top online home insurer, securing a 25% market share and insuring 500,000 homes in three countries, underscored by strategic acquisitions and a leading brand reputation with a Net Promoter Score above 70.

Raphaël Vullierme's career reflects his ability to identify market opportunities and execute innovative solutions, making a significant impact on the European tech and entrepreneurial landscape.

Session :
Christophe Duhamel
Founder of Marmiton

Christophe Duhamel, co-founder on Marmiton, is a pioneer of the Internet in France. He started as a computer engineer in one of the first web agencies in France in 1995, before shifting towards marketing and consulting out of interest.He completed his training with a master's degree in marketing management at ESSEC business school.As Marmiton CEO for 20 years, he brought the site from zero to over 20 million unique users per month, managing all new leverages: communities, video, mobile, social networks, vocal interface, managed to launch a (profitable) paper magazine and more than 50 cookbooks.

He worked with most food brands, ad agencies, tech companies, and big media groups owning Marmiton (aufeminin, Axel Springer, TF1, Reworld).Christophe is also a writer and a teacher in several business schools (entrepreneurship, digital marketing), since he loves sharing his experience and helping companies to innovate.

Session :
Marjolaine Grondin
CEO and Co-Founder at Jam - Forbes 30 under 30

Marjolaine Grondin is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Jam, a Messenger media for 15-25-year-olds, recently acquired by June Marketing agency. She completed a double master's program at HEC and has a background in Sciences Po and the University of Berkeley, where her passion for entrepreneurship took root.

She is renowned for her achievements, including being part of Forbes' 30 Under 30 and MIT’s Top Innovators Under 35. Marjolaine was the first female entrepreneur to speak at Facebook's F8 conference and was recognized as one of France's top 20 entrepreneurs in 2021.

Marjolaine is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals in creating fulfilling and authentic lives by reconnecting with themselves, others, and nature. She travels across Europe to share her insights on new work paradigms and the societal, economic, and philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence. Her current projects include the development of innovative living and creative spaces, as well as editorial work as the French ambassador for Adobe. Additionally, she pursues her passions as a DJ and avid surfer 🏄‍♀️

Session :
300 €
Adrien Plat
CMO & co-founder and BulldozAIR

With over 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing, I have a proven track record of building go-to-market strategies, scaling acquisition efforts, and driving revenue and growth for tech startups across various industries and customer segments. I have co-founded and led the marketing function of Indy, a leading accounting software for freelancers, where we achieved remarkable milestones such as 50000 customers, $10M ARR, and $50M funding in five years.

Session :
Manuel Jaffrin
GetApp Co-founder (acquired by Gartner NYSE:IT)

With over a decade of experience in the Corporate IT sector at Sun Microsystems, Manuel Jaffrin ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding GetApp in 2009, a bootstrapped venture where he served as COO. GetApp is designed to assist businesses in finding and comparing trusted software solutions. His efforts led to the acquisition of the company by Gartner (NYSE: IT) in June 2015, resulting in the formation of a new business unit, Gartner Digital Markets. Jaffrin played a pivotal role in scaling the business to over $20M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) before departing in 2017. Currently, he leverages his experience to invest in startups and offer guidance to tech entrepreneurs on critical growth strategies, including initial growth phases, demand generation, building scalable sales operations, and fundraising.

Session :
Alexandre Katrangi
Founder of Licorne Gulf Investment - Middle East & Africa expert

Alexandre’s proximity and constant exclusive local relations with the key actors and players of the Middle East & all GCC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Qatar and Africa for the last past 27 years,

He provides independent investments through his Family Investment Holding and Advices to client base comprising blue chip financial institutions and private investors, large conglomerates of CAC40 and Fortune 500 or market intelligence companies as well as politicians and diplomats.

Core business flows from Investing directly or syndicating Invetsments from their Partners and Gulf Families they manage Assets and advising on all aspects of market entry through to the investment process itself as well as basic geopolitics, geostrategies and environmental advice.

Fundamental interest in emerging and frontier markets and mainly with the Saudi Arabian, Bahreini and Qatari market focus on all its market aspects such as oil & gas, oil prices, military and defense sector, industrial sector, rail sector, energy conventional/thermal electricity and IPP sector and nuclear sector, Technologies, royal family succession and internal visions.

Over the past 23 years, Alexandre has interacted and operated with companies such as Vitol, Halliburton, EDF, Denel, Mocoh Switzerland, Socar, Bashneft, Sistema, Norinco, Geodis, Ukroboronprom, Natixis, Blackstone, Thomson, KNDS, Several Football clubs, Angel Bike, Reputed Fintechs, Biotechs and many other international companies and conglomerates.

He is a past Associate of the Ambassador Omar Zeidan considered as the doyen of Middle East and Arabian Peninsula dealmaker since 30 years, and helds the position of Special Advisor of Royal Family Members of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain as well as the Delegate of a French Political Party.

Core Competencies:
- Investments and Capital Raising
- Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture
- M&A
- Macro level due diligence and analysis
- Country and specific sector, projects, company and business relations studies
- Identification of opportunities and assessment on the actors and network intelligence.
- Intelligence & advisory services on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.

Alexandre will consider speaking engagements globally in the areas of Investments, funding, politics, risk, strategy, intelligence, international relations, Technologies and energy and doing business in the Middle

East and Africa. Charismatic in his delivery, Alexandre is happy delivering a business keynote address to large and small audiences, after dinner speech, one to one executive mentoring, day and half day consultancy.

Session :
Alexis Gresoviac
25 years of XP in the Gaming Industry - Huuuge, Blizzard, Gameloft

I originally entered the gaming industry for my love of games, what has kept me there was my passion for working with unbelievably talented people with such diverse skills, all working collaboratively to create products that bring joy into people’s lives. I thrived in a fast-paced environment with high-stakes and constant changes. This is what allowed me to achieve so much, so early in my career.

My first big break came when I was hired by Gameloft to explore the possibility of expanding into the Japanese market. When I identified that the best route forward was to launch a full-scale Japanese arm of Gameloft, I was charged to leading the new organization. It was a dream come true! I had the chance to build the team up to 100+ and manage the entire company. I learned a lot from this experience which I took to my next role as Managing Director of Blizzard Entertainment Korea.

After Blizzard, I shifted to an outside consulting role, leveraging my executive leadership experience to advise C-Suite leadership teams on expansion strategies for new markets, evaluation of M&A opportunities, effective internal operations processes, and organizational structure. I absolutely loved helping each of these businesses to find solutions and make informed decisions.

As a life turn event I had the opportunity to come back to Europe as COO of Treasure Hunt soon acquired by Huuuge Games where I played the role of Managing Director of Berlin Studio.
More recently, in July 2021, I was appointed Head of International Operations for Storytel

I believe that bringing my 25+ years of professional and personal experience to everyone  I can make the difference in the life of thousand of people, either by helping them take the right direction for their business but also giving to everyone the chance to reflect on their career so far and move to their future path orientation

The satisfaction of my clients is always my priority so feel free to contact me to know more about the different services I am offering

Session :
Mehdi Badr
Data Science expert with 14 years of experience

I'm an AI & Data Science expert with 14 years of experience building and growing international data teams, as the first AI Manager in Qwant. I lead AI and Data Science activities for different major campanies such as Webedia, BNPParibas, TF1, Orange, Celio, Lfebvre-Dalloz, etc. I co-found Ailon a SaaS AI startup on supply chain and transport with strong growth...  
I can help in building out the AI &data functions and finding ways to maximize value from data across organization.

Session :
Georges Abi-Heila
Head of Growth at Chance, Sunday, Too Good To Go & eFounders

Georges is a versatile and no-nonsense marketer with over 12 years of experience leading growth in both early-stage environments (eFounders/Hexa & YC alumni) and hyper-growth companies (as Vice President at Too Good To Go, Sunday, and Chance).

His expertise covers six key growth topics, allowing him to drive significant results and provide top-tier services to ambitious and purpose-driven organizations. Georges has honed this expertise through diverse roles at notable companies like Chance, Sunday, TooGoodToGo, Station, Hexa (formerly eFounders), and Capgemini Invent.

In his roles at Chance, Sunday, TooGoodToGo, Station, Hexa, and Capgemini Invent, Georges has driven impactful changes. He has aligned career goals with personal identities at Chance, streamlined dining experiences at Sunday, and promoted sustainable practices at TooGoodToGo. At Station, he enhanced web app productivity, and at Hexa, he played a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge SaaS solutions. His work at Capgemini Invent involved creating innovative solutions for complex business technology challenges.

As the Head of Growth at Too Good To Go and Sunday, Georges's leadership was crucial in accelerating their growth, leveraging his experience with eFounders and YC alumni to deepen his understanding of the startup ecosystem.

Georges's approach is straightforward: he cuts through the noise and focuses on what truly drives growth. This approach has been instrumental in both his success and the success of the organizations he has been a part of

Session :
Romain Lavielle
Head of portfolio and dealflow at Ava capital, Managing HEC's entrepreneurship certificate

Romain is a former entrepreneur, he created Digital Village (network of co-working spaces) and a B2B Saas in customer complaint management. He has a double background of engineer (EFREI Paris) and business (HEC Paris) wich made him start his career in digital at the early ages (he was one of the first 1000 French accounts on Facebook ;-) ).
After having managed Incubateur HEC Paris startup program, he has turned to the investor side, by managing dealflow and portfolio support at Ava Capital (100 startups in portfolio).

His analytical skills make him spot the core problem and go straight to the point to find a solution. Fond of lean, he'll always advize to test and learn.

Romain loves to support entrepreneurs, he has seen thousands of pitchs and one-to-one meetings with founders. He has a passion for great founders and loves to help them build incredible products and develop great companies.

Session :
Mathieu Darras
Fondateur de brickmeup - COO international

Mathieu Darras holds a dual degree in engineering and an MBA from HEC, obtained in 2002. He has dedicated much of his career to consulting and has worked for major real estate groups. Notably, he led the operations of BNP Real Estate Property Management in Europe, overseeing activities in 14 countries.
In 2018, he founded brickmeup, a start-up offering a wealth creation solution based on "turnkey" residential real estate purchases. Within four years, the company grew from 1 to 40 employees, achieving a turnover of 3 million euros. Unfortunately, it faced the real estate crisis in 2022.
Mathieu Darras is proficient in the entire business creation cycle, from managing growth to leading an international group. He is particularly distinguished by his expertise in matters related to operational efficiency.

Session :
Alexandre Rispal
Former Top 100 Insurtech in the world CEO, Author on innovation

Alexandre Rispal, a graduate of Sciences Po Lille in Public Affairs, holds a Doctor of Business Administration and has completed executive education courses at INSEAD and Harvard Business School online.

He worked as a marketing and innovation manager and general subsidiary director for major insurance companies and bancassurers for 10 years. In 2016, he co-founded and became the CEO of Moonshot-Internet, one of the pioneers of embedded B2B2C insurance in France, aiming to make insurance simple, useful, and accessible to everyone. He led the company to 500,000 contracts and into the top 100 Insurtechs globally in 2019 by signing partnerships with major Chinese and Indian companies. Between 2019 and 2023, he continued his journey by supporting the governance structure and development strategy of several Insurtechs and Sportechs as an Operating Partner and C-level advisor.

He also co-founded Insurtech France in 2020, an association that now has 280 corporate members. Passionate about new technologies, he regularly writes as a contributor for Forbes France in the Technology and Business section and has published several books on AI, the metaverse, and transhumanism. He also teaches at various business schools in France and the United Kingdom

Session :
200 €
JB Jezequel
Co-Founder at Evaboot

JB grew Evaboot's revenue from 0 to $2M in Annual Recurring Revenue. All that being the only person in charge of client acquisition.

That led him to develop a lot of B2B Lead Generation skills  in areas like SEO, YouTube, LinkedIn, and email prospecting.‍

He's deeply passionate about building Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Monetization strategies for B2B businesses.

Session :
200 €
Charles Tenot
COO at Lempire Ex Skello, Spendesk, Botify

With 15 years of experience, including 8 in dynamic scale-ups like Botify, Skello, lemlist, AssoConnect, and Spendesk, Charles is a growth catalyst for companies.

He's an expert in Sales and Marketing and excels in driving strategic projects such as pricing and M&A.Today, as COO & GM at lempire (lemlist, Taplio), he brings strong expertise in Marketing, Sales, and Go-To-Market Strategy, having already guided many startups in their business strategies.

His career has immersed him in various contexts, from the SMB environment at Skello to the Enterprise level at Botify, working with clients like Amazon and Nike.Charles' experience in Product-Led Growth, gained at lemlist and AssoConnect, complements his versatile profile.

He combines a sharp analytical mind, honed by 5 years in M&A and as a CFO, with significant management experience, leading teams ranging from 10 to 170 people.He's ideally positioned to boost sales performance, identify growth opportunities, drive international or product launches, and provide M&A advice.

Session :
200 €
Jérôme Chambost
CTO Apricity

Jerome is an expert in healthcare data, product integration and data science with 8 years of experience. As the current CTO of Apricity, a French startup specializing in fertility, he's at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations in the European healthcare and Femtech sector.
Jerome is passionate about solving complex problems and working with cross-functional teams. He will help you:
- Transform Data into Strategic Decision
- Navigate the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology
- Build and Lead High-Performance tech and data team
- Elevate Tech and Product in Strategic Planning
- Conduct a technical due diligence

Session :
200 €
Grégoire Charles
Product at Only Dust - Ex eFounder

Freelance product manager based in Paris with 13 years of professional experience in hyper-growth technology companies. Passionate about solving complex problems and working with cross-functional teams in dynamic environments. Currently, he's matching open source projects with web3 ecosystems at Only Dust.

He used to lead product at eFounders, a startup studio known for the creation of three unicorns like Spendesk, Aircall, or Front. His expertise ranges from product management and user-centric UI/UX design to cutting-edge web development using the latest technologies, including no-code and automation tools.

Session :
200 €
Géraud Lamazère
Investor at Unicraft VC

A passionate entrepreneur for over 15 years, I have developed several companies in the BtoC and BtoB markets. I have completed 2 significant exits. Today, I'm an investor in start-up projects. I know perfectly well the expectations of Angels Investors and VCs, and have developed a large network of professionals and investors. My aim is to share my rich experience of accompanying dozens of Stratups from ideation through product-market-fit, go-to-market and sales scaling strategies to the B-series. I'm personally passionate about tech issues.

AI Integration: I am constantly looking to integrate artificial intelligence solutions to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and create competitive advantages for the startups I work with. I'm an optimist with the ambition to make things happen.

Session :
200 €
Nash Hughes
CSO of Light Me Up - innovation studio, CEO of Beam Me Up - tech4equity

Since he got back from Silicon Valley in 2018, Nash has been doing two things: he supports entrepreneurs in their projects, from ideation to Series A, and he accelerates transformation, change or innovation topics for medium and large companies.

After 15 years spent creating content (mainly for TV) and communications or production companies, Nash returned to his first love - tech companies - in 2016.

Since then, his purpose has been to help entrepreneurs or project holders (C-levels) move faster without making mistakes.

He has become a specialist in the "early stage" of entrepreneurship, and at the same time, an expert in collective intelligence methods that help SMBs and large corporations save time and money in the creation, deployment and growth of business solutions.

Change and transformation strategy are his favourite playground and whatever the subject, Nash always brings a data-driven and result oriented input to the table.

As a "problem solver" at heart, Nash finds great satisfaction in helping companies find solutions to the challenges they face, using inhouse talents, often through Design Sprint.

Nash is not a consultant.
He teaches, he passes on, he invests, he mentors, he advises, he facilitates.
He’s been coaching around 100 startups a year since 2017.
Nash also writes a tech and innovation newsletter called ‘The Ugly Truth’.
He is half-English, a harpsichord player and the happy father of 4 wonderful daughters.

Session :
Marc de Zordo
Entrepreneur, Founder in MarTech industry (ex. myposeo, getfluence)

Marc de Zordo has founded and developed numerous companies, navigating them through phases of profitable growth and hyper-growth, and has made significant contributions to various projects across different sectors. His latest entrepreneurial venture, Getfluence, established in 2018, impressively scaled to a turnover of €10M within five years. Achieving profitability in just one year, he successfully raised €5M and led a team of over 50 employees, expanding operations across five European markets, with a footprint in five offices and three subsidiaries.

His approach is characterized by pragmatism and meticulous attention to detail, driven by a strong business orientation, a comprehensive perspective, and a robust tech/digital culture. This foundation has allowed him to excel in several key areas, including the definition and execution of digital, business, and marketing strategies; the creation and management of companies on both a local and international scale with effective deployment of resources; and the development of a business-centric product vision.

He has adeptly led wide-ranging 360-degree projects encompassing product and technology, from roadmap setting and objective definition to team management and deadline adherence. His strategies have consistently boosted productivity through the use of technology and automation while optimizing costs, ensuring the continuous growth of profitable businesses.

Session :
Hippolyte Thibierge
Strategic Partner Specialist at Hero and Cofondateur at Partnershift

Hippolyte is a professional with a passion for building partnerships in startups, his experience further enriched by previous roles as Chief of Staff, VC Analyst, and entrepreneur.

Currently Partner Specialist Manager at Hero since February 2023, and co-founder of Partnershift, Hippolyte specializes in :
- Supporting companies through the assessment of their current partnership landscapes
- Developping of tailored partnership strategies
- Mentoring of their implementation.

Co-founder of Partnershift:
- Created a community of over 950 passionate members focused on partnerships.
- Co-created a media dedicated to partnerships, with a podcast and newsletter.
- Designed and executed strategies for a community project with 2 co-founders.

Masterclasses co-organized:
- Flomodia: Partnerships with startups: From 0 to 1
- Qonto: Effective partnership integration
- Spendesk: Engaging your partners at scale

Partnership Manager France at sunday:
- Created the partnerships department with 2 team members.
- Designed and implemented a comprehensive partnership program.
- Successfully found, signed, and integrated 20 partners, generating over 300 qualified leads (OKR: 95%).

Session :
Martin Catineau
CMO at Openeat & co-founder at Partnershift

With over 7 years of experience in the tech industry, I have carved out a distinguished career as a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), renowned for driving business growth, enhancing sales operations, leading marketing activations, and steering strategic projects and management teams with unparalleled expertise.

Currently, I am at the forefront of establishing the entire marketing framework for @Openeat, a revolutionary offering in the food tech space. @Openeat stands out as the only restaurant voucher system that is universally accepted, designed to bolster purchasing power and transform the dining experience for users everywhere.

In addition to my primary role, I have initiated and lead @Partnershift, a groundbreaking side project. As the first B2B community of its kind, @Partnershift unites over 900 French partnership professionals—including Vice Presidents, Heads of Partnerships, and Managers—creating an exclusive network for collaboration, innovation, and professional growth in the realm of partnerships.

Session :
Pierre-André Patry
Freelance SEO (Alan, Aircall, Hexa, Honda, Vinci...)

With 8 years of experience as Head of SEO, including consulting for unicorn tech companies and scale-ups like Alan, Aircall, Mooncard, Alma, Pierre-André always bridges the gap between SEO and revenue for his clients.He has been the Head of SEO for 8 years and today primarily coaches companies that want to generate revenue through organic traffic.An internet kid, his passion for tech has followed him since the beginning of his career. He created his first website at the age of 12 and quickly sought to attract qualified traffic to his websites to generate revenue.

His career has immersed him in various contexts, from SMB consulting to serving large clients like Vinci, Honda or " CNAV " (french national old age insurance fund) .He combines a technical background with a love for B2B marketing to identify growth opportunities and achieve revenue goals.

Session :
Axel Valensi
Sales consultant and ex head of sales at Beanstock

Recognized as a specialist in the Proptech sector, this former Head of Sales and entrepreneur excels in enhancing sales team performance and coaching executives. His career is highlighted by team management, the development of sales strategies, and training, all supported by a DISC communication certification. He stands out for his holistic approach, covering all aspects of sales to drive business growth.

Passionate about mentoring, he provides tailored support to startups and leaders, implementing effective commercial processes and robust growth strategies. As a consultant, he transforms sales processes and optimizes acquisition funnels, thereby fostering sustainable business development.

His clients value his ability to deliver quality advice, his diligence, and his commitment to meeting deadlines. He is a preferred partner for businesses looking to energize their commercial strategy and accelerate their growth.

Session :
Bruno Kaufmann
CEO of WeBoard, expert in governance and advisory boards

I bring a wealth of experience in facilitating strategic growth for CEOs through the development of custom-made advisory boards. My work at WeBoard is grounded in a rigorous selection and matching process, ensuring that each advisory board is uniquely tailored to the CEO's strategic needs. Esteemed leaders from mid-sized companies such as Christofle, Linxens, and Ayor have benefited from this bespoke approach, leveraging collective wisdom to navigate their strategic challenges successfully.

My expertise extends to creating a structured framework that promotes an effective exchange of insights, enabling informed decision-making and fostering strategic advancement. This methodology has proven its value in driving measurable outcomes, positioning me as a trusted advisor in the realm of executive leadership and governance. Through WeBoard, I have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing organizational performance by equipping CEOs with the tools and perspectives necessary to achieve their strategic objectives.

Session :
Emmanuel Bismuth
Consultant SEO & Google Ads & Founder Collectif Akolad

Since 2010, I've specialized in elevating businesses' SEO and Google Ads performance. My service encompasses everything from SEO audits, strategy development, and content optimization to comprehensive Google Ads campaign management and training. With a focus on actionable insights and custom solutions, I tailor my approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring enhanced web presence and targeted lead generation.

Renowned for delivering quality advice, meeting deadlines, and employing effective strategies, I'm committed to driving your success in the digital space. Whether you're seeking to improve organic search rankings or optimize paid advertising efforts, let's collaborate to achieve your goals with precision and excellence. Reach out for a partnership that transforms your online potential into tangible results.

Session :
Philippe Hebrard
Chief Product Officer at Klub

With over 8 years of experience in high-growth startups and tech companies, particularly in the fields of product launching, product strategy and cross-functional team leadership, Philippe is a Product & Strategy expert.

Holding engineering degrees from Centrale Nantes and UCL London, Philippe embarked on his entrepreneurial path by founding Ana Health, an innovative telehealth solution for oncology patients, and getting acquired by the market leader. His journey continued as he honed his capabilities, steering Product Teams at major organizations like Biogen, Pricemoov, and Klub (also Board Member and Executive Committee).

Philippe brings strong expertise in Product Management and Strategy, driving transformations, and synchronizing product roadmaps with corporate goals. He possesses substantial leadership experience, with experience of managing teams ranging from 6 to 20 people, and is equipped to grow and structure Product & Tech teams. Philippe, an enthusiast of cutting-edge technology, has deep insights into Blockchain, Fintech, Healthcare, and Generative AI, constantly seeking knowledge through interactions.

Session :
Jordan Chevalier
Revenue Operations Manager - Salesforce expert

Jordan has 6 years of experience working in start-up/scale-up companies such as JobTeaser, Doctolib, Spendesk, and PlayPlay. During this time, Jordan has worked in different roles such as Revenue Operations Manager, Salesforce Business Analyst, and Salesforce Administrator.

His main activities are centered around Salesforce Technical Consulting, No-code tools building and Revenue Operations Management. He has a strong expertise in the following areas:

• CRM: Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, High-Velocity Sales)
• SFDC third-parties: DocuSign, Talkdesk, Aircall, RingOver, GetFeedback, LaneFour, Cognism, LinkedIn Sales Navigator
• Cadence Systems: Salesloft, Outreach
• Cross-tools automation: Zapier, n8n, Make
• App-building:, Airtable, Glide
• Billing Tools: Chargebee, Stripe
• Data Management: DemandTools, LinkedIn Sales Insight

Jordan is also Salesforce certified in the following areas: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Business Analyst, Platform App-Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant & Service Cloud Consultant.

If you need a freelancer with expertise in multiple Sales SaaS Systems, then Jordan will be the right person for you.

Session :
Joffroy Louchart
Co-founder at Finalcad

When I co-founded Finalcad, our mission was simple: to free up time for professionals in the construction industry so they could focus on what matters most.

I had the privilege of spearheading the exploration of new horizons and forging strong partnerships. We raised over $70 million to support this vision (Next40).

But beyond the numbers, what drives me deeply is the desire to share. I've written two books to pass on some of my knowledge, my failures, and my successes.

Today, I dedicate my time to:

- Mentoring, advising, and investing in entrepreneurs,
- Creating ambitious new projects.

My motivation is to create a future where innovation knows no bounds, where each day is an opportunity to transform the world.

Session :
Simon Laurino
Head Of Growth Market at Qobra

With 6 years of experience in tech scale-ups like Heetch, Partoo, Qobra, Simon is a Marketing leader who loves to build strategies to impact one thing, revenue.

He's an expert in Growth & Marketing on several channels, Go To Market, outbound, Nurturing, paid acquisition and demand generation to drive revenue.He loves to speak about Sales & Marketing organization and it's a marketing leader with a high revenue touch.After several years at Heetch & Partoo, he arrived at Qobra as a third employee and he's a big part of the Qobra Scale (from 4 to 50 employees with Seed and Serie A in two years). He has a strong appetite for market segmentation and creates Marketing strategies to achieve company targets.

In addition to being a T-Shaped Marketer with strong Sales & Marketing skills, he really enjoyed talking to people and helping them to bring real value.

Session :
Guillaume Guersan
Consultant SEO

As an expert digital marketing consultant, I've been helping entrepreneurs optimize their company's visibility on Internet for the past 10 years.

Whether it's to generate leads or drive customers to their e-commerce site, I help them implement SEO strategies and advertise online via Google Ads and Facebook Ads. The aim is to generate conversions (leads or sales) rather than artificial traffic.

At the same time, I offer online training courses on these subjects (over 10,000 learners) and train the next generation of webmarketing professionals at university.

Working mainly for startups, I have also worked with larger companies such as Engie, Samsung, Adobe, Costa, Allianz, Les Galeries Lafayette and the European Commission.

My other skills: WordPress, security, IT, AI and automation.

Session :
Jean-Vladimir Boulin
Country Manager Ex Choco, Manomano

Just wrapped up a thrilling 4 year journey of a now global company named Choco. During my tenure, I successfully established and led the french remote sales team for over two years before taking on the role of Country Manager in Belgium. Prior to Choco, I had some exciting positions at places like Click&Boat and ManoMano, mixed with some insightful VC experience at Serena Capital. I’ve got a knack for spotting trends and opportunities.

Session :
Jean-Sebastien Corbel
Business development expert with more then 15 years of experiences

Jean-Sébastien is an expert in business development and marketing with over 15 years of experience in the B2B sector.

Two years ago, he founded SIZE UP, a company specializing in implementing growth marketing and outbound marketing campaigns for its clients. If you're looking to energize your entrepreneurial project, discuss client acquisition strategies, or explore prospecting, Jean-Sébastien is the ideal person to guide you.

Session :
Julien Provost-Langot
Digital Marketing Manager EMEA

Julien is a digital marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience in various industry.

Julien started his career in real estate.
He was in charge of the growth hacking for a startup during 2 years.

After this first position, he worked for more than 3 years in the healthcare industry for another startup  based in Paris (Carenity).  He was in charge of social media and community management.
Julien used his skills to significantly increase the number of members and deploy it in several countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, etc.)

After this second experience, Julien joined Adeo Group (Leroy Merlin) as Head of Social Media for Delamaison, a e-commerce website.  His mission was to leverage on social media to increase brand awareness, generate additional sales and manage customer support.

Julien finally joined Credit Agricole Group in 2018 as Head of Social Media for Sofinco and then the Corporate Center of Credit Agricole Consumer Finance as Digital Marketing Manager.

Julien is now in charge of supporting all of international entities (19 countries) in their digital acquisition, optimization of their customer journey (CRO approach) and improving the profitability of marketing channels.

Why it's a good idea to have a call with Julien:

 1- A varied career path (startups, SMEs, large companies)

 2- +10 years experience in digital marketing

 3- International mindset

 4- A capacity to challenge your strategic action plans and suggest very concrete quick wins.

Session :
Soufiane Marhraoui
General Manager at Taptap Send | Ex-Head Of Operations Africa at Glovo

Soufiane’s journey began in the African Food Delivery sector with Glovo, where he honed his expertise in operations and expansion working across 7 countries, demonstrating his skills in leadership, team management, and operations. His expertise extends to P&L management, recruiting, and marketing.This experience laid a solid foundation for his transition to the fintech industry, as the current General Manager for Morocco at TapTap Send, driving growth and profitability.His path illustrates a seamless shift from one dynamic sector to another, underscoring his versatility as a business generalist capable of navigating complex challenges.

Session :
Victorien De Doncker
CEO at Tripartie - Corporate Lawyer

Victorien, as the CEO and Co-Founder of, leads an innovative AI-based user dispute resolution SaaS designed specifically for marketplaces. He is driven by a mission to create a trusted and secure environment in the second-hand market and platforms, aiming to accelerate a shift in our consumption habits. His background includes experience as a Financial & Business Lawyer, further enriching his expertise.

Additionally, Victorien contributes to the academic world as a lecturer at Paris-Dauphine University. His specialization encompasses fundraising structuring, strategy, drafting of commercial contracts, intellectual property protection, and corporate law, making him a versatile and knowledgeable leader in his field.

Session :
Ider Oudad
Data & AI strategist and solution designer with 10+ years experience

Ider is an Data & AI strategist and solution designer with 10+ years experience. With a strong scientific background and an acute business sense, Ider can help you to build Data & AI strategy, design Data & AI solutions and understand the skills you need to succeed in Data & AI projects.He knows how to bridge the gap between your business needs and the AI technological capability.

He had successful experiences as Data Scientist in top companies and consulting firms before founding an AI consulting firm dedicated to improve decision-making in operational teams.

Session :
Charles Deleplanque
Head of Talent at Theodo

In his time at Theodo, Charles, as Head of Talent, led a dynamic team of 10 recruiters with a target of 100 hires annually. Drawing from Theodo's renowned practices infused with Lean management model, an integral differentiator. This laid the groundwork for his current venture, an entrepreneurial leap into recruitment consultancy.

He can assist you in defining your recruitment needs, optimizing acquisition channels, implementing efficient processes, deploying the right tools, animating your recruitment team, and incorporating Lean principles into your practices.

Elevate your recruitment strategy, where Theodo's legacy, the Lean management model, and Charles's entrepreneurial expertise seamlessly converge.

Session :
Tanguy SAIAS
CEO & Head of Design at Design Squad

As an expert in branding and product design, I bring 6 years of experience in creating brand images, graphic identities, web mockups, and logos. I founded DesignSquad, the first subscription-based, no-commitment design agency 🎨.

A company that handle all your design needs (brand guidelines, logos, UX/UI Figma mockups, website development, social media posts, infographics, flyers, brochures, etc.) and deliver them to you within 48 hours.

Session :
François Menjaud
Co-founder & CEO at Fygr

After graduating with an MS in Corporate Finance from HEC Paris, François transitioned from a successful career in investment banking to fulfill his long-held dream of entrepreneurship. He co-founded Fygr with his childhood friend Geoffrey, a SaaS solution that merges his twin passions for finance and entrepreneurship. Fygr is designed to simplify financial management for SME managers, offering them a clear understanding of their current financial health and its progression. This empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions for future growth.

In developing Fygr, François frequently engages in meaningful conversations with fellow entrepreneurs and CFOs. He discusses various challenges in financial management, such as structuring growth and optimizing financial tools. François aims to share his extensive experience and expertise in these areas, helping them make strategic decisions and turn finance into a powerful tool for business growth.

His expertise covers a wide spectrum, including optimizing financial tool stacks, business planning and reporting, and developing financing strategies that encompass both debt and equity. He also has a keen interest in specialized transactions like M&A. François's comprehensive approach offers a holistic perspective on financial management in the entrepreneurial world.

Session :
100 €
Benjamin Jean
Talent Acquisition Manager

Benjamin is an expert in talent acquisition with 9 years of experience specialized in the startup / scaleup ecosystem. He hired more than 250 people from Marketing, Finance, Sales and People. He is the co-founder of the biggest french recruitment slack community (more than 4.5K members).

For close to 5 years, he has been a freelancer recruiter, focusing of finding the best recruiters for startup. He also advices startup on how to set up their recruitment process, tools (ATS) and recruitment function (which kind of profile you should hire first).

Session :
100 €
Annika Baum
Chief Sales Officer at Evaneos

Annika, an accomplished Sales Leader with over 15 years of experience, played a crucial role in Evaneos' development, accompanying the company from start- to scale-up. Serving as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and a Board Member for over 4 years, she orchestrated the design and implementation of sales strategies, streamlined processes and communication, and managed a global community of travel agencies. Annika possesses extensive expertise in company organization, transformation, and the cross-functional management of Sales, Tech, and Product teams.

Internationally, in her role as Country Manager, she strategically formulated go-to-market strategies for DACH, successfully transforming it into Evaneos' premier international markets.

Are you in need of guidance for sales team set-up, segmentation, or transformation? Do you encounter challenges aligning your teams with the overall company strategy or coordinating sales with product/tech teams? Perhaps you seek advice on your go-to-market strategy.
Alternatively, if you're planning to establish an executive board and require best practices for a successful launch and operation, Annika is here to provide expert insights and support your endeavors.

Session :
100 €
Augustin Tiberghien
Head of Customer Success at Spendesk

Augustin is an expert in customer success strategy, customer journey and experience all along the funnel.
He has a solid 5-year experience as Customer Success Manager (individual contributor, manager then head of) in a fast-growing startup (Spendesk)
Has been working with onboarding, expansion, key account managers within his department while opening Spanish, Italian and French markets.
Not sure on which KPIs to track, want to review your customer journey and the compensation plan of your teams ? Better call Augustin !

Session :
100 €
Kevin Adoul
Growth advisor Ex Ankorstor

Kevin is a b2b acquisition expert with 6 years' experience in B2B growth marketing.
After launching a marketplace in a startup studio, he helped Ankorstore structure its growth strategy and now advises high-profile post-Serie A startups.

Kevin has also created two SaaS software applications for b2b sales teams from scratch, with a total of 1,500 users.

Kevin will bring a critical eye to the structuring of your acquisition during an intensive consulting session

Session :
100 €
Pierre-Emmanuel Branger
Podcast Host and Ex AE at Spendesk

He specializes in managing challenging and international sales projects, focusing on providing effective leadership and strong project coordination. His approach is rooted in extensive communication and a solid understanding of business processes. A key part of his strategy is integrating sales with outbound strategies to create a cohesive approach. He leads Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and sales teams, ensuring they are aligned with growth objectives and performance management standards. His expertise also extends to designing and implementing efficient processes and systems, essential for the smooth operation of the sales function. Additionally, he excels in outbound acquisition, applying targeted strategies to attract and engage potential customers. Lastly, he's skilled in various closing techniques and sales methodologies, ensuring not only to reach but to exceed sales targets.

Session :
100 €
Anthony Miossec
Co-founder of Jinko

Anthony is the Chief Product Officer of Jinko, a Healthtech startup which help people with cancer. His 8 years of experience building tech products wearing many hats give him a unique perspective on the craft. He has worked as a product manager, product designer, in-house and freelance. In differents industry : hospitality, AI, web3, health, etc. He has built a variety of products: consumer and B2B SaaS and marketplaces, eCommerce and consumer mobile.

Talk to Anthony especially if you need help on:
- Product management in a pre or post-Product-Market-Fit environment
- Empowering a product team
- Product design issues of any kind
- Hiring and coaching designers and product managers.

Session :
100 €
Berenice Rioux
Head of Revenue Operations at Skello

Bérénice is an expert in building process and implementing solutions for Revenue teams.

Given her 5 years of experience, leading a team of consultants and working for over 200 clients in Europe and North America (Saas, Industry, IT Services, Transportation, etc.), she will guide you in the implementation of the best process and tools to optimize your business results.

Currently, at Skello, she is heading the team in charge of the redesign of the main CRM as well as the automation of the billing system (for over 10k customers) to gain productivity and reach profitability. She was also accredited by Hubspot to give all the official trainings in France and be part of the Hubspot Academy.
Bérénice will help you identify the revenue gains possible and the best solutions to implement to achieve your business goals. Thinking about building your own team of RevOps specialists, she can help you decide where to start and how to organize it!

Session :
100 €
Florian Nègre
Consultant at Céos Marketing

Florian is a seasoned Marketing Expert, specializing in Go-to-Market and B2B Lead Generation.

With 12 years of dedicated hands-on experience in crafting and executing Go-to-Market strategies, Florian's journey includes valuable roles at renowned organizations such as Standard & Poor's, HSBC, and Cartier. He has worn multiple hats, including Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Growth Officer in Europe and North America, which has allowed him to gain insights into diverse industries and global markets, enriching his perspective as a marketing consultant.

As the founder of CEOS Marketing, he operates part-time as a Head of Marketing, assisting SMBs and Mid-Market businesses in designing their strategies, providing guidance on the execution process, and equipping and training teams.

Florian's expertise extends across various critical areas, encompassing Go-to-Market strategies, B2B Lead Generation, A/B testing, Marketing Analytics, and Team Training.

Session :
100 €
Florent Vernet
Co-Founder at Sales & strategies

Florent is an expert in Selling to Executives with 10 years of experience to sell tech and disruptive innovation in different BtoB industries.
He built and sold 2 technologies companies in IoT and Machine learning, he knows which sales and growth marketing decisions to scale business from scratch.
He can give you hacks like How to contact, access and secure a meeting with the most inaccessible decision-makers ? How to pitch your value to succeed in your first meeting ? How to use the power of your vision as a lever for change ? How to encourage a decision-maker to mobilize his authority among his team ? How to deal with all objections such as lack of budget, time or even see this with my N-1 ? Previously, Florent help 52 founders, VP of sales and Chief Sales Officer with strategy, culture, people, process, system, skills issues. Florent have enough expertise to guide you during our sales transformation and performance. He will be ok to open his network

Session :
100 €
Timothée Emery
Founder at Tim Meyer Services

Timothée is a seasoned COO with over a decade of hands-on experience in optimizing business operations across diverse sectors. Specializing in No Code solutions and AI, he's well-versed in harnessing technology to address operational challenges.

His extensive journey spans roles in startups like YouShould and Lizee, where he played pivotal roles in driving growth and streamlining processes. At YouShould 0 to 7M€ of generated revenues in 3 years. At Lizee, Timothée's leadership expanded the team from 5 to 40, managing four distinct teams and ensuring seamless operations.

As a forward-thinker, he's now embarked on a mission to assist leaders in overcoming operational hurdles using cutting-edge No Code and AI methodologies. Beyond his professional roles, Timothée has a passion for sharing knowledge, having hosted numerous exploratory interviews and sessions to guide budding entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders alike.

Session :
100 €
Antoine Wallet
Co-Founder & Head of product

Antoine is a product manager consultant for early-stage startups in the web3 and FinTech industry. His expertise lies in helping startups build user-centric MVPs and discover their market fit by developing strategic products.

With 4 years of experience in early-stage startups, Antoine developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges related to building an MVP and finding market-fit. Previously at Quadency he worked with the engineering & founders team to scale the company from 11k users to 100k+ users using only product-led growth. Currently, Antoine works with startups across multiple industries to help them build better MVPs by bringing them the product management toolkit.

Antoine will be able to guide you through any product-related challenge you're facing.

Session :
100 €
Marie-Lou Girard
Co-founder Growth Hiring

Marie-Lou is an entrepreneur and growth marketing expert with 10 years experience at Canal+, Banque Populaire, ONU, Meero and various startups. She has built media and communities of several thousand people. She can guide you in shaping your marketing strategy, building brand awareness, creating media and communities, and boosting sales.

She has been coaching startups incubated at Station F for 2 years in this 30-minute format, and was voted one of her incubator's favorite coaches for her ultra-concrete advices and ROI-oriented approach.

Session :
100 €
Anass Zekri
Head of Sales at Pemo

Anass Zekri is an accomplished sales professional with a diverse background in sales, business development, and coaching. During his four years at Spendesk, he played a pivotal role in expanding into the IBERIA market, scaling from 0$ to 1M$ ARR. Anass also worked as a consultant for startups, focusing on SaaS and e-commerce ventures, providing strategic guidance in go-to-market planning and team structure & organisation.

His passion for coaching led him to join Mantra (ex: Growthmakers) as a sales coach, where he has helped over 30 sales professionals enhance their strategies and skills. Currently, Anass serves as the Head of Sales at Pemo, a prominent fintech solution based in Dubai. In this role, he leads go-to-market strategies, builds high-performing teams, and prepares for expansion across the Middle East.

Anass's expertise in go-to-market strategies, team building, and revenue generation has significantly contributed to the success of numerous companies. His commitment to empowering others and delivering results makes him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Session :
100 €
Juliette Hervé
Growth Marketing Freelancer

Juliette has been a Growth Marketing specialist for 7 years, including 4 in a challenging hyper-growth environment at Spendesk (26th French Unicorn). From the start until the series D fundraising, she set up the French Growth Marketing strategy, a market that has since generated the most revenue.

For the past 2 years, she has been helping companies create and optimize their marketing strategies. She also enjoys being a trainer and speaker on all topics related to Growth Marketing.

Overall, Juliette can help you with your 360° marketing strategy to help you scale. Let's talk about branding, personas, inbound marketing, growth hacking, social selling, SEO, data, nurturing, events, product marketing, recruitment, etc.

She is also very organized, always looking for ways to be more productive, and will share with you all of her templates and processes so you can easily replicate them in your company!

Session :
100 €
Guillaume Linet
Chief Of Staff to the CEO at Spendesk

Guillaume is here to help you succeed in your CEO mission. Having experience in different industries (Consulting, Fintech, B2B SaaS), he has experienced the different stages of scaling and will be a trusted partner to help you focus on what really matters. His current job as Chief of Staff to the CEO at Spendesk will give you the opportunity to get very specific answers to your questions.

In more than 4 years at Spendesk, Guillaume has contributed to grow the team from 20 people to 700 and raised more than 250m€ to support the growth of the company (x50 in ARR).

Guillaume will advise you on the CEO priorities which are splitted into five buckets :

1) building your leadership team (hire, onboard, manage)

2) building the company strategy (long-term) and execution plan (short-term)

3) managing internal & external communication

4) managing investor relation

5) Running strategic projects

Session :
100 €
Baptiste Forestier
Head of compliance Hero

Baptiste Forestier holds a Master's degree in Business and Banking Law, and has more than 8 years of experience within regulated fintechs. He began his career as Head of KYC & Operational Compliance at Lemon Way, a payment specialist for marketplaces.

In 2019, he started at Spendesk, now the 26th French unicorn, as Head of Compliance. In particular, he helped obtain a payment institution license from the ACPR (French regulator) and also contributed to the opening of its market in the United States.

He recently joined Hero, a booming B2B BNPL start-up, as their new Head of Compliance.

Session :
100 €
Thomas Le Cun
Partnerships Lead at Spendesk

Thomas Le Cun is an experienced partnerships and revenue strategist with 8 years of experience in successfully building and managing teams or programs across Europe. He has worked in both scale-ups and large corporations, providing vision and guidance for partnerships functions in different stages.

He has also defined and executed multiple revenue strategic initiatives including sales organization structure, market segmentation, pricing and packaging, and partnerships roadmap. With his expertise in partnerships and revenue strategy, Thomas can provide valuable insights and guidance to any company looking to grow their partnerships function or revenue streams in just 30 minutes

Session :
100 €
Alexandre Pidault
Ex Co-founder at Vybe

Alexandre is a Product guy with 10 years of experience in Product Design, Product Management, Branding and Copywriting. Over the years, he has created impactful design solutions for a variety of industries (consumer app, e-commerce, SaaS, Fintech) for thousands of daily users.
He has co-founded Vybe (CPO), a very well known neobank for Gen Z (13-25y) for 3 years with more than +200 000 App downloads (n°1 AppStore - 3 days) /  40 000 cardholders & amazing ⭐️ 4,7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot.

Previously, Alexandre was Head of Design at Cafeyn (« Netflix » for Press readers). His experience as a senior designer & product manager give him a unique perspective on the craft.

Talk to Alex especially if you need help on: « Roasting » a existing product on UI or UX design, Hiring & Empowering a product design team, Building a strong design & product delivery culture, Building the perfect deck investor to raise money

Session :
100 €
Alexis Kartmann
CTO iObeya Ex Mappy

Alexis is an expert in enterprise application development with 30 years of experience. He acted as CTO in several startups during the last 20 years, focusing on building products and structuring teams. In his current position as iObeya CTO, he created the technology from scratch and grew his team from 2 to 80 people. He lead the change from an on-premise application to a cloud-centric SaaS built using DevOps, lean and agile methodology, and data-driven decisions. His technical expertise is architecture, server development (mostly Java), Database, and infrastructure as code. Alexis has experience in various industries (automotive, development tools, mapping, and visual management).

Session :
100 €
Laurent Grima
CPO at Koober

Laurent is the Chief Product Officer of Koober. His 8 years of experience building tech products wearing many hats give him a unique perspective on the craft.
He has worked as a software engineer, product manager, product designer, and head of design, in-house and freelance.
He has built a variety of products: consumer and B2B SaaS and marketplaces, eCommerce and consumer mobile.
Talk to Laurent especially if you need help on:
- Product management in a pre-Product-Market-Fit environment
- Empowering a product team
- Product design issues of any kind
- Hiring designers and product managers

Session :
100 €
Maxime Durand
Tech Lead engineer at Qonto

Maxime is an expert in MVP with 10 years of experience. He has developed his experience through multiple startups to scale-ups, the last one Qonto as 2nd tech employee to develop the Product from zero to their proper core banking system.

He knows which decisions and tradeoffs make to build a functional and scalable product from zero. Still working at Qonto in Tech Lead position, he spends his energy on internal toolings that are scalable for more than 800+ Ops which need to be efficient to deliver the best support to their customers and help Ops departments to be efficient in daily operations. With more than 6 years XP in a company with hypergrowth environment, Maxime knows problematic of building efficient management in a scale-up company

Session :
100 €
Yannick Gery
Head of Revenue Operations at Mytraffic

Yannick is an expert in revenue operations, sales automations and global productivity enhancements. After working in heavy industry, consulting and scale-ups he can help you build a 6-month roadmap to gain up to 40% of productivity in your processes. Depending on your company's size and available profiles you'll be able to hire less and scale better just by discovering the mindset of business operations and the wide range of tools that empower what we do.
I previously worked for Ankorstore, scaling tools and processes for HR, finance, sales and customer service from 50 employees to hundreds, migrating from Hubspot to Salesforce and so many other topics. I joined a new scale-up where I continue to work in Business Operations, adding Business Intelligence and similar topics to my scope.

Session :
100 €
Paolo Terzi
Head of Data at Swile

Paolo is an expert in data with 10 years of experience building and growing international data teams, as the first data hire in Criteo Italy and later charged with building Swile data function from scratch
He has a track record of creating value through analytics, data science, and data products that have generated 15M€ in revenue
Focused on democratizing data access and enable self-service capabilities across departments to maximize impact of data
He can help you in building out your data function and in finding ways to maximize value from data across your organization

Session :
100 €
Romain Dalmasso
Director Of Operations & Enablement at Spendesk

Romain is a process builders since 7 years. He started at Spendesk and has contributed to make it a unicorn.
From Head of Sales to Directors of Operations and Enablements at Spendesk. He is today also an advisor and actives investors who coach CEO.  

He can help you on defining the sales organization your company needs, building your data stack but also rethinking your revenue generation process from A to Z or also help you hiring the future talent you need.

Session :
100 €
Anaël Chardan
Senior Backend Software Engineer at Spendesk

Anaël is an expert in Backend Software Engineering with 7 years of experience!

Having experience in different industries like E-Commerce, institutional or Fintech projects he knows how to build solid software that will support your business but always keeps pragmatism in mind. He worked with different technologies such as Typescript, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL,, CI/CD.

He worked in different fields like performance, architecture, deployment, DX, and features. He is currently working at Spendesk as a Software Engineer working on their bank integrations.

Session :
100 €
Florian Bruniaux
VP of Engineering at Cheerz

Florian is senior software engineering manager with 10 years of experience building SAAS products and tech/product teams.

He had the opportunity to recruit nearly 40 people (tech & product) and has scaled many teams (existing & from scratch) in several companies. He’s used to build engineering culture and organize tech teams to maximize their efficiency.

Fervent promoter of remote, he has piloted distributed teams in “full remote” in different countries and time zones; Thereby he knows well the processes to promote asynchronicity (strong writing culture, mastery of tools, framing of meetings, etc.).

Having worked on the creation of several SAAS products (from scratch or refactoring of existing monoliths) he knows how to adapt the right methodologies to the life cycles of a product.

Session :
100 €
Michael Saifoudine
Senior Website Manager at Spendesk

Michael has been a Website Specialist for the past 8 years.

He started to build his first websites back in 2010 and managed to ship more than 100 of them for companies at different stages of growth. His main skills are around designing and developing efficient websites with CMS. He currently is the Senior Website Manager at Spendesk, leading the web squad and roadmap globally in close collaboration with Developers, Designers, Marketing Specialists and Brand Experts.

Overall, Michael can help you challenge your landing pages and design strategy, advise on CMS choices, discuss how to build a dedicated team and processes for your website and challenge your web stack. Various topics you’ll be able to discuss with him: B2B websites, CRO, A/B testing, CMS, Analytics, Traffic growth, UX, Branding and Team organization.

Session :
100 €
Guillaume Dretz
Customer Operations Leader at

Guillaume is an expert in customer service strategy, customer experience design and customer operations management.

He has a solid 8-year experience as an entrepreneur and 6-year experience as an employee of fast-growing startups including Stripe, Spendesk, Vybe, and Swan, working both on B2B and B2C environments.
Not sure on who to hire or how to structure your team? Need advice on how to support and retain your customers? Are you struggling to manage a high volume of customers? Want to make your customers' journey unforgettable? Better call Guillaume!

Session :
100 €
Valentin Pertuisot
iOS Software Engineer at Spendesk

Valentin is an expert in mobile software engineering with 10 years of experience specialized on the Apple ecosystem.
Having experience in different industries (Fintech, IoT, B2C, SaaS) in companies at different stages, he knows which decisions and tradeoffs to make and guidelines to follow to build functional and scalable mobile apps.
His current project is the Spendesk iOS app, starting it from scratch 4 years ago making it into the current scalable and loved app in a hypergrowth environment.
Previously, Valentin spent a lot of his time helping other engineers and founders with iOS technical and architectural issues at HackHands.
Valentin will have enough expertise to guide you during the definition or creation of any mobile or tablet app.

Session :
100 €
Christophe Bouche
Lead Product Designer chez Swile

Christophe is an experienced lead product designer with over 15 years of design experience.

He joined Swile almost 4 years ago as a lead product designer and has collaborated on the development of the products and services that make it the unicorn we know today.

He also worked for a lot of brands like L'Oréal or Publicis and many more as an art director, making him a sharp eye to help you.

Session :
100 €
Aurelien Aubert
CEO and Founder at Cargo

Aurélien is an expert in data, engineering and growth, he worked as a lead engineer, founder and growth engineer.

He was one of the first Spendesk employees working as a lead developer in the growth team, working hand in hand with the sales and marketing team to boost revenue. He then swith to the product team working on the billing system and strategy.

He founded and lead several projects like Cargo and Truckit. His polyvalence and entrepreneurial spirit will be a major asset for strategic decisions.

Session :
100 €
Louis-Victor Morgaut
Head of product

Louis-Victor is an expert in product management and design, he worked as a head of product, product manager and designer, and founder.

He was one of the first Spendesk employees working as a product manager focusing on payment methods, risk management, self-service, and Product led growth(PLG). He founded and led several projects like this one (Better Call), Blotter, Stapler casting...

His polyvalence and entrepreneurial spirit will help you build a product that generates revenue and that customer love‍

Session :
100 €
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