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Elise Marchand
People Strategy & Development at Ankorstore

Elise Marchand is a pivotal HR leader renowned for her strategic roles at Ankorstore and Doctolib. At Ankorstore, she leads People Strategy & Development, focusing on organizational design and enhancing team performance. Her efforts support the executive team, directly influencing the company's growth and operational efficiency.

During her tenure at Doctolib, as the Head of Recruitment for France, Elise significantly contributed to the company's hyperexpansion by overseeing the talent acquisition for senior and executive roles. She developed and scaled the talent acquisition department into a robust operation, driving the recruitment of critical positions and managing a team dedicated to achieving impactful results. Additionally, Elise's leadership in training 200 managers across France, Italy, and Germany solidified Doctolib's management culture, demonstrating her exceptional ability to merge strategic HR initiatives with practical outcomes.

Her global talent acquisition expertise is further highlighted by her successful management of a diverse team across five countries at Ankorstore, showcasing her skill in navigating complex international HR landscapes. Elise Marchand's contributions to Ankorstore and Doctolib reflect her profound impact on organizational development and talent strategy, marking her as a distinguished figure in the HR field.

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Grรฉgory Herbรฉ
Partner at A-player

Grรฉgory Herbรฉ is a seasoned professional in the recruitment field, known for his work with startups and scale-ups across France and Europe. His career milestones include the founding of MyJobCompany in 2011, an innovative platform that harnessed social networks for recruitment, demonstrating his ability to merge traditional practices with new technologies. This venture was successfully sold, marking a significant achievement in his career.

Beyond MyJobCompany, Grรฉgory initiated Le Lab RH in 2015, aiming to bring fresh innovation into established corporations, and A-player in 2018, to assist startups in attracting top talent. His efforts reflect a deep understanding of the recruitment challenges faced by companies at different growth stages and his desire to offer tailored solutions.In addition to his professional pursuits, Grรฉgory has ventured into social entrepreneurship with Dans Les Vestiaires in 2021, a podcast supporting athletes in their career development. This endeavor showcases his interest in applying his expertise to help individuals in various fields.

These facets of his life highlight a unique blend of business acumen and personal interests, making Grรฉgory a multifaceted personality in the world of recruitment and beyond.

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Clementine Loizillon
Directrice de Participations - OKOLA

Clรฉmentine Loizillon is a dynamic executive with a rich background in driving human resources innovation at Doctolib, fostering international tech communities as President of La French Tech Istanbul, and currently leading philanthropic efforts as the Director of Participations at Okola. At Doctolib, she was pivotal in developing a people-centric culture, establishing comprehensive training programs, and significantly contributing to the company's rapid expansion through strategic talent acquisition and development. Her leadership extended beyond corporate boundaries, enhancing French tech's global footprint through community building and support for startups in Istanbul.

Transitioning her focus towards social impact, Clรฉmentine now spearheads initiatives at Okola, dedicated to improving the well-being of children across France. Her work encompasses supporting organizations in child protection, early childhood, and mental health, showcasing her versatility and commitment to making a difference. In coaching sessions, Clรฉmentine leverages her extensive experience to offer insights into strategic HR management, leadership in tech and innovation, philanthropy, and career development, guiding individuals and organizations towards achieving their goals with a purpose-driven approach.

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Charles Deleplanque
Head of Talent at Theodo

In his time at Theodo, Charles, as Head of Talent, led a dynamic team of 10 recruiters with a target of 100 hires annually. Drawing from Theodo's renowned practices infused with Lean management model, an integral differentiator. This laid the groundwork for his current venture, an entrepreneurial leap into recruitment consultancy.

He can assist you in defining your recruitment needs, optimizing acquisition channels, implementing efficient processes, deploying the right tools, animating your recruitment team, and incorporating Lean principles into your practices.

Elevate your recruitment strategy, where Theodo's legacy, the Lean management model, and Charles's entrepreneurial expertise seamlessly converge.

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Benjamin Jean
Talent Acquisition Manager

Benjamin is an expert in talent acquisition with 9 years of experience specialized in the startup / scaleup ecosystem. He hired more than 250 people from Marketing, Finance, Sales and People. He is the co-founder of the biggest french recruitment slack community (more than 4.5K members).

For close to 5 years, he has been a freelancer recruiter, focusing of finding the best recruiters for startup. He also advices startup on how to set up their recruitment process, tools (ATS) and recruitment function (which kind of profile you should hire first).

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