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Thomas Peignier
Founder at BOLD | Startup & New Tech Lawyer | Corporate Law & Private Equity

Thomas is a legal authority and startup advocate, instrumental in supporting innovative businesses and new technologies. Educated at top institutions, he has been advising entrepreneurs and startups since 2011. With over 12 years of experience as a lawyer, Thomas specializes in corporate law, private equity, labor law, and intellectual property. He has guided numerous startups, through the complexities of starting, financing, and expanding their businesses.

Thomas is actively involved in the startup ecosystem, leading workshops and mentoring at incubators and accelerators such as The Galion Project, Station F, and HEC Incubator. His commitment to fostering innovation and his passion for technology make him a key figure in the startup community, providing strategic legal support and guidance to help businesses achieve their full potential.

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Gabrielle Fourgous Perrin
Lawyer - Startups & Entrepreneurship

With almost 5 years of experience as a lawyer, I assist startups and entrepreneurs with various legal matters to help them build and secure their businesses.

- I am involved in studying the business models of my clients, challenging the models and helping them understand the applicable regulations.
- I draft and negotiate various commercial contracts (with your partners, clients, suppliers).
- I also handle issues related to intellectual property and personal data.
- I operate more as a partner to my clients than as an external service provider consulted on specific issues.

My goal is to make the law accessible and ensure that it no longer serves as a barrier or mental burden for entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus on the development of their business.

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Ines Lassalle
French attorney and CEO at US Expansion Partners

As a French attorney and the founder of US Expansion Partners, my expertise is shaped by previous roles at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, a distinguished American law firm in Paris, and Ernst & Young, where I orchestrated global tech expansions. In these roles, I prepared international tax strategies, crafted critical legal documents for confidential mergers, and navigated intricate legal landscapes.

Now leading the consulting firm US Expansion Partners, I seamlessly blend diverse legal tech aspects and international business operations. Armed with extensive knowledge in both US and French Law, I specialize in delivering dynamic legal and business consultations. My focus involves navigating legal intricacies, devising international tax strategies, and ensuring compliance with financial and accounting nuances. Leading our firm, I thrive in providing tailored support to tech companies globally, easing their entry into the U.S. or European market. My role encompasses orchestrating seamless international business operations, upholding stringent compliance with European and U.S. regulations, and crafting bespoke solutions for successful market entry.

Drawing on this wealth of experience, I am passionate about guiding businesses through the intricate landscapes of both European and U.S. markets with unwavering confidence.

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Victorien De Doncker
CEO at Tripartie - Corporate Lawyer

Victorien, as the CEO and Co-Founder of, leads an innovative AI-based user dispute resolution SaaS designed specifically for marketplaces. He is driven by a mission to create a trusted and secure environment in the second-hand market and platforms, aiming to accelerate a shift in our consumption habits. His background includes experience as a Financial & Business Lawyer, further enriching his expertise.

Additionally, Victorien contributes to the academic world as a lecturer at Paris-Dauphine University. His specialization encompasses corporate finance, strategy, fundraising structuring, banking and finance law, corporate law, commercial law and intellectual property law, making him a versatile and knowledgeable leader in his field.

For instance, you can contact Victorien for the following missions:

Legal services:

- Intellectual property: trademark registration, competition audit, protection of your solution and inventions
- Company law: drafting and updating articles of association, drafting partners' agreements, assistance with fund-raising (capital increase, safe notes, partners current accounts), deployment of a "BSPCE" plan, drafting commercial contracts
- Commercial/Consumer law: drafting of terms and conditions/privacy policy/legal notices/cookies, RGPD audit

Entrepreneurship missions:

- Financing: public or private financing strategy, business plan drafting, etc
- Deploying a new offering: pricing strategy, building a sales argument, defining targets, etc

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Franรงois Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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