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Mehdi Badr
Data Science expert with 14 years of experience

I'm an AI & Data Science expert with 14 years of experience building and growing international data teams, as the first AI Manager in Qwant. I lead AI and Data Science activities for different major campanies such as Webedia, BNPParibas, TF1, Orange, Celio, Lfebvre-Dalloz, etc. I co-found Ailon a SaaS AI startup on supply chain and transport with strong growth...
I can help in building out the AI &data functions and finding ways to maximize value from data across organization.

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J矇r繫me Chambost
CTO Apricity

Jerome is an expert in healthcare data, product integration and data science with 8 years of experience. As the current CTO of Apricity, a French startup specializing in fertility, he's at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations in the European healthcare and Femtech sector.
Jerome is passionate about solving complex problems and working with cross-functional teams. He will help you:
- Transform Data into Strategic Decision
- Navigate the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology
- Build and Lead High-Performance tech and data team
- Elevate Tech and Product in Strategic Planning
- Conduct a technical due diligence

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Carlos Rosa
Expert en IA & Founder de Comp{AI}nion | Coach AI | Top Voice LinkedIn IA | Growth with AI

Meet Carlos Rosa, a trailblazer in the field of artificial intelligence and a dedicated mentor for tech entrepreneurs. Starting his journey as a self-taught expert, he has now become a recognized authority in AI, specializing in several domains like Prompt Engineering for LLM, data analysis, and data science.

Carlos has earned seven advanced degrees in AI, including specialized certifications from prestigious institutions like IBM. Committed to staying at the cutting edge of a field that evolves day and night, Carlos dedicates time each day to further his knowledge and skills. This ongoing learning process allows him to continually bring more value and up-to-date insights to his clients, ensuring they stay ahead in the rapidly advancing world of AI.

His academic and professional journey in artificial intelligence has equipped him with deep insights into data science and the practical applications of AI technologies in business processes. As the CEO of Comp{AI}nion, Carlos focuses on harnessing AI to revolutionize how businesses operate, offering tailored solutions that enhance productivity and decision-making capabilities.

Carlos is passionately committed to mentoring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complexities of adopting AI in their ventures. His approach blends high-level technical expertise with accessible mentoring, making advanced AI concepts understandable and applicable for business leaders across industries.

Through his leadership at Comp{AI}nion, Carlos not only drives innovation in AI applications but also empowers the entrepreneurial community by providing them with the tools and knowledge to leverage AI for sustained business growth and competitive advantage.

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Faycal Slaoui
Cofounder of (Acq. by ACV Auctions)

Fay癟al Slaoui, immediately after completing his Master's in Engineering at Centrale Supelec, embarked on a venture that would significantly impact the automotive industry. As the co-founder of, he harnessed artificial intelligence, specifically through advanced computer vision and deep learning, to introduce a groundbreaking method for detecting vehicle damages. This innovation not only streamlined assessments in the automotive sector but also led to a swift $30 million acquisition by ACV Auctions, a NASDAQ-listed entity, within a mere two years. For a deeper insight into their journey, click here.

Fay癟al's journey is characterized by a seamless blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial instinct. Right from the outset, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to pinpoint and address complex challenges using AI, to build cohesive and effective teams, and to navigate the intricacies of fundraising and exit strategies. His commitment extends beyond business success; Fay癟al is deeply invested in fostering the next wave of tech entrepreneurs, offering them grounded, actionable advice to help them succeed in the ever-evolving tech landscape. His career is a reflection of a commitment to innovation, strategic insight, and a pursuit of excellence that resonates with peers.

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Ider Oudad
Data & AI strategist and solution designer with 10+ years experience

Ider is an Data & AI strategist and solution designer with 10+ years experience. With a strong scientific background and an acute business sense, Ider can help you to build Data & AI strategy, design Data & AI solutions and understand the skills you need to succeed in Data & AI projects.He knows how to bridge the gap between your business needs and the AI technological capability.

He had successful experiences as Data Scientist in top companies and consulting firms before founding an AI consulting firm dedicated to improve decision-making in operational teams.

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Andr矇as Lambropoulos

CPO and co-founder of Tripartie

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Fran癟ois Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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