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Tristan Charvillat
VP Design @Malt | Consultant, Speaker, Coach | ex:BlaBlaCar, INTUIT, PayPal | Author of "Discovery Discipline"

Tristan Charvillat stands out as a visionary leader in design and product culture. For 20 years, he focused on delivering great experiences to customers all around the world. Currently serving as the VP of Product Design at Malt, he has been instrumental in shaping the design direction and product strategy for some of the most recognised brands in the market, including BlaBlaCar, INTUIT, and PayPal.

As an accomplished author, his book "Discovery Discipline: The Radical Method to Master Product Discovery," has become a bestseller in the French Tech community, reflecting his deep expertise and innovative approach to product discovery. Tristan's career journey showcases his remarkable ability to lead and inspire design teams, foster a productive product culture, and drive impactful processes with a FOCUSED and pragmatic approach.

Tristan offers key insights for aspiring Design team leaders, covering everything from daily operations to strategic decision-making. Heโ€™s also pivotal in transforming Design culture for Product leaders and Executive Committees, guiding them towards strategic clarity and long-term team success.

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Grรฉgoire Charles
Product at Only Dust - Ex eFounder

Freelance product manager based in Paris with 13 years of professional experience in hyper-growth technology companies. Passionate about solving complex problems and working with cross-functional teams in dynamic environments. Currently, he's matching open source projects with web3 ecosystems at Only Dust.

He used to lead product at eFounders, a startup studio known for the creation of three unicorns like Spendesk, Aircall, or Front. His expertise ranges from product management and user-centric UI/UX design to cutting-edge web development using the latest technologies, including no-code and automation tools.

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Emmanuel Darmon
CEO at Sigmoon Studio

With more than 10 years of experience in product design, I like to imagine useful, beautiful and easy solutions. As a CEO of Sigmoon Studio, we are partner of Station F to leverage their most promising startups to achieve ambitious goals. We are also working with large companies like Club Med to refresh their brand and perfect their users experience.

Session :
Tanguy SAIAS
CEO & Head of Design at DesignSquad

As an expert in branding and product design, I bring 6 years of experience in creating brand images, graphic identities, web mockups, and logos. I founded DesignSquad, the first subscription-based, no-commitment design agency ๐ŸŽจ.

A company that handle all your design needs (brand guidelines, logos, UX/UI Figma mockups, website development, social media posts, infographics, flyers, brochures, etc.) and deliver them to you within 48 hours.

Session :
Alexandre Pidault
Ex Co-founder at Vybe

Alexandre is a Product guy with 10 years of experience in Product Design, Product Management, Branding and Copywriting. Over the years, he has created impactful design solutions for a variety of industries (consumer app, e-commerce, SaaS, Fintech) for thousands of daily users.
He has co-founded Vybe (CPO), a very well known neobank for Gen Z (13-25y) for 3 years with more than +200 000 App downloads (nยฐ1 AppStore - 3 days) / ย 40 000 cardholders & amazing โญ๏ธ 4,7 / 5 rating on Trustpilot.

Previously, Alexandre was Head of Design at Cafeyn (ยซ Netflix ยป for Press readers). His experience as a senior designer & product manager give him a unique perspective on the craft.

Talk to Alex especially if you need help on: ยซ Roasting ยป a existing product on UI or UX design, Hiring & Empowering a product design team, Building a strong design & product delivery culture, Building the perfect deck investor to raise money

Session :
Laurent Grima
CPO at Koober

Laurent is the Chief Product Officer of Koober. His 8 years of experience building tech products wearing many hats give him a unique perspective on the craft.
He has worked as a software engineer, product manager, product designer, and head of design, in-house and freelance.
He has built a variety of products: consumer and B2B SaaS and marketplaces, eCommerce and consumer mobile.
Talk to Laurent especially if you need help on:
- Product management in a pre-Product-Market-Fit environment
- Empowering a product team
- Product design issues of any kind
- Hiring designers and product managers

Session :
Christophe Bouche
Lead Product Designer chez Swile

Christophe is an experienced lead product designer with over 15 years of design experience.

He joined Swile almost 4 years ago as a lead product designer and has collaborated on the development of the products and services that make it the unicorn we know today.

He also worked for a lot of brands like L'Orรฉal or Publicis and many more as an art director, making him a sharp eye to help you.

Session :

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Jean-Baptiste Jezequel

Co-Founder Evaboot

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Based on my experience, I highly recommend it for anyone seeking efficient and reliable tech consultations.

Rayan Benamour

Project Manager Stratรฉgie & Dรฉveloppement chez LPH

Great experience on Better Call! In just a few clicks, we can easily organize a fruitful exchange with an expert on our current issue.

In one word: efficient.

Andrรฉas Lambropoulos

CPO and co-founder of Tripartie

I was looking for real strategic and hands-on expertise on a specific topic (SEO). Thanks to Better Call, I was able to book a call with JB, one of the top experts in the field, in less than 2 days. ย 
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Franรงois Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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