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Théo Dorp
Co-founder of Pylote & Crème de la Crème

Théo Dorp, 31 years old, is the co-founder of the startups Crème de la Crème & Pylote. He was one of the early evangelists of freelancing in France.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, he started launching tech projects as soon as he came of age.

A graduate of EDHEC Business School, he co-founded the freelance platform Crème de la Crème right after his studies. With it, he raised €5 million and recruited a total of 100+ people.

In 2019, he left the management team, became a freelancer for 2 years, before launching his new startup: Pylote! A Chrome extension that allows tech freelancers to update all their online profiles from a single interface.

In addition to all this, he advises and supports entrepreneurs in launching and managing their companies. In 2 years, he has coached 30+ entrepreneurs (, aucode, didi, pinock, blockchainyourip, Viqtory, la cantine des talents, etc.).

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Mathieu Darras
Fondateur de brickmeup - COO international

Mathieu Darras holds a dual degree in engineering and an MBA from HEC, obtained in 2002. He has dedicated much of his career to consulting and has worked for major real estate groups. Notably, he led the operations of BNP Real Estate Property Management in Europe, overseeing activities in 14 countries.
In 2018, he founded brickmeup, a start-up offering a wealth creation solution based on "turnkey" residential real estate purchases. Within four years, the company grew from 1 to 40 employees, achieving a turnover of 3 million euros. Unfortunately, it faced the real estate crisis in 2022.
Mathieu Darras is proficient in the entire business creation cycle, from managing growth to leading an international group. He is particularly distinguished by his expertise in matters related to operational efficiency.

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Thomas Lizeul
Sales Strategy Manager chez Doctolib

After 4 years in Doctolib's fast growth environment, Thomas has had numerous challenges within the sales operations team.

His current focus is on sales cycle optimisation, pipeline & lead management and dashboard development to provide stakeholders with new insights into the French teams (covering a scope of over 400 sales people, with direct management responsibility for two associate).

Passionate about optimizing sales processes, Thomas excels in sales automation, hunting strategy and Salesforce CRM.

Ready to transform your sales operations? Thomas is eager to leverage his expertise to enhance your sales effectiveness!

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Camille Colbus
1st employee of Too Good To Go and Ex Operations Director and Expansion

Camille Colbus is an entrepreneur whose journey began as the first employee of Too Good To Go, the app that fights food waste. As Operations Director she played a pivotal role in developing the company from 0 to 70 in France, before expanding the app in Europe and then in North America. Today the leading app has saved more than 300 millions meals across 17 countries.

She has extensive experience in the start-up world on diverse skills sets having tackled nearly every role within the company (with the exception of Tech, as she humorously points out) in both European and American landscapes as she lived there 3 years.
Often referred to as the "Swiss Army Knife" or  "superwoman", Camille is now excited to share with entrepreneurs and companies what she learned during this journey.

Her expertise covers many topics including expansion, people, organizational structuring, scaling, go to market strategies, account management... She particularly thrives in the exciting phase of 0 to 1 and is deeply passionate about making an impact.

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Jordan Chevalier
Revenue Operations Manager - Salesforce expert

Jordan has 6 years of experience working in start-up/scale-up companies such as JobTeaser, Doctolib, Spendesk, and PlayPlay. During this time, Jordan has worked in different roles such as Revenue Operations Manager, Salesforce Business Analyst, and Salesforce Administrator.

His main activities are centered around Salesforce Technical Consulting, No-code tools building and Revenue Operations Management. He has a strong expertise in the following areas:

• CRM: Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, High-Velocity Sales)
• SFDC third-parties: DocuSign, Talkdesk, Aircall, RingOver, GetFeedback, LaneFour, Cognism, LinkedIn Sales Navigator
• Cadence Systems: Salesloft, Outreach
• Cross-tools automation: Zapier, n8n, Make
• App-building:, Airtable, Glide
• Billing Tools: Chargebee, Stripe
• Data Management: DemandTools, LinkedIn Sales Insight

Jordan is also Salesforce certified in the following areas: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Business Analyst, Platform App-Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant & Service Cloud Consultant.

If you need a freelancer with expertise in multiple Sales SaaS Systems, then Jordan will be the right person for you.

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Joffroy Louchart
Co-founder at Finalcad

When I co-founded Finalcad, our mission was simple: to free up time for professionals in the construction industry so they could focus on what matters most.

I had the privilege of spearheading the exploration of new horizons and forging strong partnerships. We raised over $70 million to support this vision (Next40).

But beyond the numbers, what drives me deeply is the desire to share. I've written two books to pass on some of my knowledge, my failures, and my successes.

Today, I dedicate my time to:

- Mentoring, advising, and investing in entrepreneurs,
- Creating ambitious new projects.

My motivation is to create a future where innovation knows no bounds, where each day is an opportunity to transform the world.

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Jean-Vladimir Boulin
Country Manager Ex Choco, Manomano

Just wrapped up a thrilling 4 year journey of a now global company named Choco. During my tenure, I successfully established and led the french remote sales team for over two years before taking on the role of Country Manager in Belgium. Prior to Choco, I had some exciting positions at places like Click&Boat and ManoMano, mixed with some insightful VC experience at Serena Capital. I’ve got a knack for spotting trends and opportunities.

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Soufiane Marhraoui
General Manager at Taptap Send | Ex-Head Of Operations Africa at Glovo

Soufiane’s journey began in the African Food Delivery sector with Glovo, where he honed his expertise in operations and expansion working across 7 countries, demonstrating his skills in leadership, team management, and operations. His expertise extends to P&L management, recruiting, and marketing.This experience laid a solid foundation for his transition to the fintech industry, as the current General Manager for Morocco at TapTap Send, driving growth and profitability.His path illustrates a seamless shift from one dynamic sector to another, underscoring his versatility as a business generalist capable of navigating complex challenges.

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Berenice Rioux
Head of Revenue Operations at Skello

Bérénice is an expert in building process and implementing solutions for Revenue teams.

Given her 5 years of experience, leading a team of consultants and working for over 200 clients in Europe and North America (Saas, Industry, IT Services, Transportation, etc.), she will guide you in the implementation of the best process and tools to optimize your business results.

Currently, at Skello, she is heading the team in charge of the redesign of the main CRM as well as the automation of the billing system (for over 10k customers) to gain productivity and reach profitability. She was also accredited by Hubspot to give all the official trainings in France and be part of the Hubspot Academy.
Bérénice will help you identify the revenue gains possible and the best solutions to implement to achieve your business goals. Thinking about building your own team of RevOps specialists, she can help you decide where to start and how to organize it!

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Timothée Emery
Founder at Tim Meyer Services

Timothée is a seasoned COO with over a decade of hands-on experience in optimizing business operations across diverse sectors. Specializing in No Code solutions and AI, he's well-versed in harnessing technology to address operational challenges.

His extensive journey spans roles in startups like YouShould and Lizee, where he played pivotal roles in driving growth and streamlining processes. At YouShould 0 to 7M€ of generated revenues in 3 years. At Lizee, Timothée's leadership expanded the team from 5 to 40, managing four distinct teams and ensuring seamless operations.

As a forward-thinker, he's now embarked on a mission to assist leaders in overcoming operational hurdles using cutting-edge No Code and AI methodologies. Beyond his professional roles, Timothée has a passion for sharing knowledge, having hosted numerous exploratory interviews and sessions to guide budding entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders alike.

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Guillaume Linet
Chief Of Staff to the CEO at Spendesk

Guillaume is here to help you succeed in your CEO mission. Having experience in different industries (Consulting, Fintech, B2B SaaS), he has experienced the different stages of scaling and will be a trusted partner to help you focus on what really matters. His current job as Chief of Staff to the CEO at Spendesk will give you the opportunity to get very specific answers to your questions.


In more than 4 years at Spendesk, Guillaume has contributed to grow the team from 20 people to 700 and raised more than 250m€ to support the growth of the company (x50 in ARR).

Guillaume will advise you on the CEO priorities which are splitted into five buckets :

1) building your leadership team (hire, onboard, manage)

2) building the company strategy (long-term) and execution plan (short-term)

3) managing internal & external communication

4) managing investor relation

5) Running strategic projects

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Yannick Gery
Head of Revenue Operations at Mytraffic

Yannick is an expert in revenue operations, sales automations and global productivity enhancements. After working in heavy industry, consulting and scale-ups he can help you build a 6-month roadmap to gain up to 40% of productivity in your processes. Depending on your company's size and available profiles you'll be able to hire less and scale better just by discovering the mindset of business operations and the wide range of tools that empower what we do.
I previously worked for Ankorstore, scaling tools and processes for HR, finance, sales and customer service from 50 employees to hundreds, migrating from Hubspot to Salesforce and so many other topics. I joined a new scale-up where I continue to work in Business Operations, adding Business Intelligence and similar topics to my scope.

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Romain Dalmasso
Director Of Operations & Enablement at Spendesk

Romain is a process builders since 7 years. He started at Spendesk and has contributed to make it a unicorn.
From Head of Sales to Directors of Operations and Enablements at Spendesk. He is today also an advisor and actives investors who coach CEO.  

He can help you on defining the sales organization your company needs, building your data stack but also rethinking your revenue generation process from A to Z or also help you hiring the future talent you need.

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François Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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