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Julien Ramette
Co-Founder Not A Shark Company ยท

With more than 15 years of extensive experience in the video game industry, Julien has held prominent C-level positions at renowned companies including Focus Entertainment, Ubisoft, Wargaming, Bandai Namco, and Atari.

His expertise lies in business development, particularly in the acquisition of content for publishing and distribution. Julien's illustrious career has equipped him with specialized skills in publishing, distribution, licensing, content strategy, portfolio management, market analytics, and financial modeling.


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Alexis Gresoviac
25 years of XP in the Gaming Industry - Huuuge, Blizzard, Gameloft

I originally entered the gaming industry for my love of games, what has kept me there was my passion for working with unbelievably talented people with such diverse skills, all working collaboratively to create products that bring joy into peopleโ€™s lives. I thrived in a fast-paced environment with high-stakes and constant changes. This is what allowed me to achieve so much, so early in my career.

My first big break came when I was hired by Gameloft to explore the possibility of expanding into the Japanese market. When I identified that the best route forward was to launch a full-scale Japanese arm of Gameloft, I was charged to leading the new organization. It was a dream come true! I had the chance to build the team up to 100+ and manage the entire company. I learned a lot from this experience which I took to my next role as Managing Director of Blizzard Entertainment Korea.

After Blizzard, I shifted to an outside consulting role, leveraging my executive leadership experience to advise C-Suite leadership teams on expansion strategies for new markets, evaluation of M&A opportunities, effective internal operations processes, and organizational structure. I absolutely loved helping each of these businesses to find solutions and make informed decisions.

As a life turn event I had the opportunity to come back to Europe as COO of Treasure Hunt soon acquired by Huuuge Games where I played the role of Managing Director of Berlin Studio.
More recently, in July 2021, I was appointed Head of International Operations for Storytel

I believe that bringing my 25+ years of professional and personal experience to everyone ย I can make the difference in the life of thousand of people, either by helping them take the right direction for their business but also giving to everyone the chance to reflect on their career so far and move to their future path orientation

The satisfaction of my clients is always my priority so feel free to contact me to know more about the different services I am offering

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Our customers love us ๐Ÿ’œ

It's been a while we were thinking about changing our Go-To-Market strategy with my co-founder. We had instincs on what needed to be done but we wanted to get validation from experienced people in our niche. We booked 3 calls with 3 expert in 3 days. It didn't fail. They help use refine our strategy in details and helped us build a clear roadmap for the next year.
Better Call is now my go-to ressource when I need quick inputs from experts on a specific topics.

Jean-Baptiste Jezequel

Co-Founder Evaboot

A high-quality solution for swiftly connecting with technology experts. Better Call offers pertinent responses that significantly expedite the advancement of projects.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend it for anyone seeking efficient and reliable tech consultations.

Rayan Benamour

Project Manager Stratรฉgie & Dรฉveloppement chez LPH

Great experience on Better Call! In just a few clicks, we can easily organize a fruitful exchange with an expert on our current issue.

In one word: efficient.

Andrรฉas Lambropoulos

CPO and co-founder of Tripartie

I was looking for real strategic and hands-on expertise on a specific topic (SEO). Thanks to Better Call, I was able to book a call with JB, one of the top experts in the field, in less than 2 days. ย 
In just 30 minutes of the call, JB was able to provide me with a wealth of highly actionable advice for the short term, no nonsense. We easily saved several hours of work.
The ability to tap into the best experts on each subject is an invaluable resource for any business leader.

Franรงois Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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