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Jonathan Anguelov
Founder at AirCall, valued at over $1 Billion & Investor

Jonathan Anguelov, a well-known figure in the French Tech scene, co-founded AirCall, a BtoB startup valued at over a billion euros. Under his leadership, AirCall achieved an annual recurring revenue exceeding 100 million euros, reaching Unicorn status and earning the exclusive Centaur distinction, limited to just 150 elite companies worldwide.

With an estimated wealth of 300 million euros, Jonathan's success is rooted in his strong entrepreneurial skills and wise investment decisions. Currently, he focuses on real estate investments through his company, Aguesseau Capital, with assets totaling 60 million euros.

Additionally, he supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a business angel, having invested in over 40 thriving startups.

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Aymeric Grange
Co-founder at

Aymeric Grange, after graduating from a leading business school, worked as a consumer goods strategy consultant in Paris and New York.

Together with his partner Thomas Arnaudo, they founded a zero-waste bathroom brand: 900.Care. A company fighting against plastic waste in bathrooms. Their concept is based on reusable recycled plastic bottles and cardboard refills, thus reducing single-use plastics.

They have developed innovative products, such as shower gel in stick form, to reduce water transport and carbon emissions. Aymeric Grange and his team have managed to mobilize a committed community through crowdfunding campaigns.

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Jean-Pierre Nadir
Founder of FairMoove, offering more than 5000 accommodation - host of 'Qui veut être mon associé?' on M6

Jean-Pierre Nadir, a visionary in the entrepreneurial and tourism sector, stands out for his eclectic and innovative professional trajectory. Coming from a modest background, his journey begins impressively in his teenage years when he founded his first company in the fast pizza delivery service in Paris, laying the first stones of his entrepreneurial spirit.

His foray into the press world, alongside influential figures such as Robert Lafont, marks a key stage in his career. By buying and relaunching Le Sport, and then founding Les Éditions de Demain, Jean-Pierre Nadir demonstrates an extraordinary ability to diversify his activities while injecting a dynamic of renewal. These initiatives allow him to launch several influential titles in the fields of travel, cuisine, and more, consolidating his status as a recognized press publisher.

With the creation of in 2000, Jean-Pierre Nadir revolutionizes the e-tourism sector by providing a comprehensive portal of information and comparison for travelers. Under his direction, Easyvoyage becomes a benchmark, showcasing his flair for anticipating market trends and meeting consumer expectations.

His latest company,, embodies his commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. By promoting travel that respects ecology and ethics, Jean-Pierre Nadir continues his goal of reinventing the sector, once again proving his ability to innovate and positively impact society.

In parallel, his role as a Business Angel reflects his desire to support and mentor the new generation of entrepreneurs, focusing on projects with a positive impact. His investment in the show "Qui veut être mon associé?" reflects his commitment to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and offering his expertise to those looking to turn their ideas into reality.

Currently residing in France, Jean-Pierre Nadir combines his passion for entrepreneurship with a balanced lifestyle, favoring closeness to nature and family values. His journey, marked by the creation and transformation of innovative companies, makes him an emblematic figure of the French entrepreneurial world, inspiring many aspirants to follow in his footsteps.

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Éric Larchevêque
Founder of Ledger and Coinhouse, valued at over $1 Billion - Host of 'Qui veut être mon associé?' on M6.

Éric Larchevêque, the co-founder of Ledger, is a distinguished figure in the entrepreneurial and investment world. As an engineering student, he launched his first web startup in 1996. His career spans diverse fields, including poker and real estate in Latvia, along with founding and selling several companies. Notably, he established and later sold Montorgueil, a company focused on content monetization and entertainment, in 2007, and Prixing, a price comparison mobile app, acquired by HighCo in 2013.

A pioneer in cryptocurrencies, Larchevêque founded La Maison du Bitcoin in 2014, the first physical space for purchasing crypto-assets, now known as Coinhouse and led by Nicolas Louvet since 2017. In the same year, he co-founded Ledger with Joël Pobeda and Nicolas Bacca. Ledger quickly grew into a global leader in cryptocurrency wallets and became the 15th French unicorn after raising over 400 million euros. Larchevêque led Ledger until 2019, later serving as the Chairman of the Board and then a board member.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Larchevêque has invested in numerous projects and companies. Since 2020, he has been a part of the M6 show "Qui veut être mon associé?" (Shark Tank), supporting entrepreneurs in securing funding. Deeply connected to his roots in Vierzon, he has been involved in educational projects in the Centre-Val de Loire region. In 2022, he co-founded ALGOSUP, an innovative computer science school. He currently resides in Sologne with his family, embracing a tranquil, nature-oriented lifestyle.

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Rémi Guyot
Founder at Discovery Discipline - Former CPO at BlaBlaCar

Rémi Guyot is a pivotal figure in the realm of product and innovation. He's best known for his seminal work, "Discovery Discipline," a book that has significantly influenced the way companies approach product development, emphasizing a methodical yet straightforward process that has been widely adopted for its effectiveness in enhancing product iterations.

Starting his career in the tech industry at PayPal in 2008, Rémi served as the Head of User Experience for the EMEA region. Here, he explored the nuances of digital transactions in diverse markets such as Russia, Turkey, and Dubai, developing a deep understanding of global user needs and the importance of simplicity in design.

His journey took a significant turn in 2015 when he joined BlaBlaCar as the Chief Product Officer. At BlaBlaCar, Rémi was at the forefront of the product and marketing teams, leading the company to become one of the first French unicorns. His tenure at BlaBlaCar was marked by the implementation of the Discovery Discipline method, demonstrating its power in revolutionizing product development cycles.

The Discovery Discipline framework, known as F.O.C.U.S.E.D, was co-created by Rémi and Tristan Charvillat. It addresses the need for a structured methodology in product discovery to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation required in today's competitive landscape. The framework guides teams through a process of exploring problems, testing solutions, and selecting the best options, fostering incremental innovation without compromising on delivery capabilities.

Rémi's dedication to the principle of simplicity extends beyond his professional work. He is also known for his commitment to personal development, regularly engaging in training sessions with a World Champion in archery to sharpen his focus and concentration skills. This practice underlines his belief in the importance of simplicity and focus, not just in product design and development but in all aspects of life.

Through his work, Rémi Guyot has become a respected voice in the design and product communities, inspiring others to embrace simplicity and effectiveness in their product development endeavors. His contributions continue to impact the way digital products are created, making him a true leader in the field of product and design.

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Hugo Bentz
CEO and Podcast host at La Chapelle - Founded 6 companies with over €1M revenue each

Meet Hugo Bentz, a Bordeaux-based entrepreneur fueled by a passion for entrepreneurship, organization, and sales. With a vibrant online presence, Hugo shares his expertise through various channels: his YouTube channel, LaChapelle-TV, his podcast, La Chapelle Radio, and his personal newsletter hosted on Substack.

Over the past 12 years, Hugo has co-founded six companies, each generating over 1 million euros in annual revenue. These ventures span a variety of industries, showcasing Hugo's versatile entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to drive success across different markets.

Among his notable achievements is the creation of, a Start-up & Agency Studio designed to foster innovation and support emerging businesses. Hugo's commitment to "building in public" is further exemplified through his work with Founders Paradise, a platform that encourages transparency and collaboration among entrepreneurs.

Hugo's entrepreneurial journey includes founding:

  • LA PISCINE (2015): A dropshipping-specialized factory with an annual revenue exceeding 4 million euros. Despite its success, the company faced liquidation in 2019.
  • KYMONO (2017): A company dedicated to designing corporate culture, achieving an impressive annual revenue of over 10 million euros.
  • KERMESS (2018): A market-leading company in the student sector, with annual revenues surpassing 3 million euros.
  • KAPSUL (2019): A creator of turnkey textile collections for large and specialized retail stores, with annual revenues of more than 3 million euros, successfully exited in 2022.
  • ARAOK (2019): Specializing in textile and accessory sourcing, this company generates over 1.5 million euros in annual revenue.
  • LE PLONGEOIR (2015): An advisory, creation, and distribution agency for brands, boasting an annual revenue of 750,000 euros.

Hugo's expertise extends beyond company founding. He is deeply committed to assisting entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges related to execution, scaling sales from 100K to 1 million euros annually, and navigating sales and distribution in large retail formats. Furthermore, he offers invaluable advice on organization and time management, essential skills for any successful entrepreneur.

Hugo Bentz's journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and strategic thinking in the entrepreneurial world. Through his ventures and guidance, he continues to inspire and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Martin Jouanneau
Ex New Balance General Manager for 14 years, entrepreneur, and author

Martin Jouanneau has significantly influenced the sports equipment industry as the General Manager of the French subsidiary of New Balance for 14 years, during which he propelled the brand to an unprecedented level of success and recognition in France. His career began after completing studies in Literatture, enriched by a rewarding experience as a French teacher in West Africa, adding a cultural and international dimension to his professional profile.

At New Balance, Martin started as a technical advisor before taking on the role of General Manager of the French subsidiary, where he successfully led for over a decade. His leadership was characterized by sustained growth, product innovation, and strengthening the brand in the French market. After his time at New Balance, he joined Mizuno, continuing to exert a notable influence in the sports industry.

In parallel, Martin launched the brands Bluedy and Tinnson, highlighting his commitment to design and innovation. Bluedy stands out for its unique approach to shoe design, inspired by values of harmony and unity, and by an aesthetic influenced by the blue sky and music.

Besides his achievements in the shoe industry, Martin Jouanneau has also shared his experiences and reflections through several publications. His books, "De 0 à 5 Milliards", "Afric", and "Virage", cover a range of topics from his years at New Balance to his experience in Africa, and his beginnings as a fiction writer.

Martin's career path is marked by a diversity of experiences and constant success, reflecting his ability to innovate and lead in a competitive environment, while contributing to culture and intellectual dialogue through his writings.

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William Hauvette
CEO at Asphalte

William Hauvette stands at the forefront of Asphalte, a pioneering brand transforming the sustainable fashion industry with its revolutionary pre-order model. Under his visionary leadership, Asphalte has not only achieved an impressive turnover of 20 million euros but has also established itself as a leader in eco-responsible fashion. This remarkable success is a testament to William's innovative approach, which introduced a sales system based entirely on pre-orders and crowdfunding. This operational model minimizes waste and costs by producing only what has been sold, thereby reducing intermediaries and promoting ethical production in Italy or Portugal.

William embodies the spirit of the modern entrepreneur—agile, resilient, and deeply committed to ethics and sustainability. He has skillfully steered Asphalte through challenging economic times while maintaining responsible business practices, showcasing exceptional leadership and strategic skills. His journey is living proof that innovation, combined with a meaningful mission, can lead to not only a successful business but also a profound and lasting influence on an entire industry.

Asphalte, under William's guidance, does not just sell clothing. The brand offers an innovative vision of fashion, where quality, durability, and accessibility harmoniously meet. William's story, marked by an ability to see beyond obstacles and transform them into opportunities, serves as inspiration and motivation for a new generation of entrepreneurs. It encourages them to pursue their passions with determination while adopting a responsible approach towards their community and the environment. William Hauvette and Asphalte brilliantly illustrate how ambition and responsibility can come together to redefine the standards of the fashion industry for the years to come.

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Raphael Cohen
CEO at, Ex-Product Director at Google

Raphael Cohen is the founder and CEO of, a decentralized open network that enables brands, communities and consumers to connect and anonymously exchange data, audiences, deals, content and everything they care about.

Prior to this Raphael was a Director or Product Management at Google, leading Product and UX teams for Waze, the popular navigation app with more than 150M monthly active users worldwide.

Born and raised in Paris, Raphael graduated in Electrical Engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), specializing in Digital Signal Processing and Information Theory. His professional journey began as an Algorithms Engineer for wireless communications systems, followed by co-founding an algo-trading company, later acquired by a global finance player. Subsequently, he led Product for DesignArt Networks, a key player in the nascent 4G infrastructure market, later acquired by Qualcomm.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Raphael, a husband and father of four, resides in Israel's countryside among vineyards and palm trees.

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Raphael Vullierme
Co-founder & CEO at Luko

Raphaël Vullierme is a notable European tech entrepreneur with a history of launching and scaling innovative startups. Educated at INSA Lyon and HEC Paris, he initiated his entrepreneurial journey by founding goodfood, a pioneering meal delivery service. He expanded his influence internationally with Rocket Internet in Berlin, leading the launch of across Europe and establishing a significant presence in the vertically integrated food delivery sector.

Venturing into the private aviation industry, Raphaël launched, raising €2.5 million and building a cross-continental team, showcasing his capacity for international project management. In 2016, he co-founded Luko with Benoît Bourdel, aiming to revolutionize the home insurance market. Luko quickly became France's top online home insurer, securing a 25% market share and insuring 500,000 homes in three countries, underscored by strategic acquisitions and a leading brand reputation with a Net Promoter Score above 70.

Raphaël Vullierme's career reflects his ability to identify market opportunities and execute innovative solutions, making a significant impact on the European tech and entrepreneurial landscape.

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Christophe Duhamel
Founder of Marmiton

Christophe Duhamel, co-founder on Marmiton, is a pioneer of the Internet in France. He started as a computer engineer in one of the first web agencies in France in 1995, before shifting towards marketing and consulting out of interest.He completed his training with a master's degree in marketing management at ESSEC business school.As Marmiton CEO for 20 years, he brought the site from zero to over 20 million unique users per month, managing all new leverages: communities, video, mobile, social networks, vocal interface, managed to launch a (profitable) paper magazine and more than 50 cookbooks.

He worked with most food brands, ad agencies, tech companies, and big media groups owning Marmiton (aufeminin, Axel Springer, TF1, Reworld).Christophe is also a writer and a teacher in several business schools (entrepreneurship, digital marketing), since he loves sharing his experience and helping companies to innovate.

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Marjolaine Grondin
CEO and Co-Founder at Jam - Forbes 30 under 30

Marjolaine Grondin is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Jam, a Messenger media for 15-25-year-olds, recently acquired by June Marketing agency. She completed a double master's program at HEC and has a background in Sciences Po and the University of Berkeley, where her passion for entrepreneurship took root.

She is renowned for her achievements, including being part of Forbes' 30 Under 30 and MIT’s Top Innovators Under 35. Marjolaine was the first female entrepreneur to speak at Facebook's F8 conference and was recognized as one of France's top 20 entrepreneurs in 2021.

Marjolaine is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals in creating fulfilling and authentic lives by reconnecting with themselves, others, and nature. She travels across Europe to share her insights on new work paradigms and the societal, economic, and philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence. Her current projects include the development of innovative living and creative spaces, as well as editorial work as the French ambassador for Adobe. Additionally, she pursues her passions as a DJ and avid surfer 🏄‍♀️

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Leonid Goncharov
Founder and CEO at Anticafé and Co-founder & CEO at Work & Go

Léonid Goncharov, a visionary and the founder of Anticafé, has paved a revolutionary path in the world of work for digital nomads. Inspired by the culture and entrepreneurial education at ESCP Paris, Léonid conceived Anticafé, a unique space blending café, home, and coworking office, where time spent becomes the currency. This revolutionary idea met the flexibility needs of freelancers, students, and businesses, providing a stimulating place for work, exchange, and creation.

Under Léonid's leadership, Anticafé quickly flourished, expanding its network to 14 locations across Europe and welcoming over a million clients in 10 years. With approximately 500 employees throughout its history, Léonid has demonstrated a deep commitment to a more open and collaborative work world. In 2022, he took a new step by selling Anticafé as well as Clue & Co, an escape game.

Not stopping there, Léonid is currently working on his fifth startup, Work & Go, continuing his journey of innovation in entrepreneurship.

Alongside his businesses, he leads Ensemble Ukraine, an organization with 20 volunteers and a budget of 2 million euros, having carried out 67 humanitarian projects to date. Léonid's career, from his early steps as an entrepreneur to his humanitarian engagement, illustrates an impressive trajectory marked by perseverance, innovation, and a passion for entrepreneurship, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams with determination and creativity.

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