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Enzo Colucci
Cold Call Expert | +11 years of experience in outbound | +1500 salespeople coached

With a spirited journey from trading Pokémon cards as a kid to founding my automotive company at 23, I've been immersed in the world of sales from an early age. My career has spanned a variety of roles – from my first sales position to becoming the Head of Sales at Ouihelp, a startup dedicated to eldercare, and managing major accounts for Sunday, a payment solution for restaurateurs. I further honed my expertise at Iconoclass, the leading school in Sales & Business Development, confirming my passion for this field.

Today, I leverage over a decade of experience to empower businesses by training their sales teams to become top performers. Specializing in Cold Calls, I cover the entire sales cycle, from Discovery to Closing, focusing on creating win-win situations through trust and effective strategies.

Host of 'Phénix: L'échec Mention Très Bien' Podcast - Exploring themes of failure and resilience. (Available on all listening platforms)

Author - Currently penning a book with Éditions Eyrolles, slated for release in late 2024, where I dive into the nuances of overcoming setbacks and emerging stronger.

Dubbed "The Prince of Failure" for my unique approach to embracing and learning from setbacks, I'm here to guide you through the art of sales with proven strategies and a deep understanding of what it means to truly win together.

Let's redefine success in sales together !

Session :
Geoffrey Dulac
CEO @ GD Consulting l Ex PwC France, Swile, BNP Paribas l

Over the past 10 years, I've worked in France's main professional structures(Big Four, Major Group, World Bank, or international organization)Some key examples: PwC France, BNP Paribas, Side or the Swile unicorn (Next 40/Frenchtech)

These experiences have given me the ability to adapt to any environment.Having been involved in public life for almost 10 years, I have been able to participate in and work with numerous political figures or their teams during key electoral events (presidential elections, municipal elections, legislative elections).

I now help employees and entrepreneurs acquire the persuasion techniques of the world's most powerful men and women in sales.

I created the "Prospect in 3H" training course and already helped more than 100 people  in 2023 in France and 6 countries.

Session :
Charles Tenot
COO at Lempire Ex Skello, Spendesk, Botify

With 15 years of experience, including 8 in dynamic scale-ups like Botify, Skello, lemlist, AssoConnect, and Spendesk, Charles is a growth catalyst for companies.

He's an expert in Sales and Marketing and excels in driving strategic projects such as pricing and M&A.Today, as COO & GM at lempire (lemlist, Taplio), he brings strong expertise in Marketing, Sales, and Go-To-Market Strategy, having already guided many startups in their business strategies.

His career has immersed him in various contexts, from the SMB environment at Skello to the Enterprise level at Botify, working with clients like Amazon and Nike.Charles' experience in Product-Led Growth, gained at lemlist and AssoConnect, complements his versatile profile.

He combines a sharp analytical mind, honed by 5 years in M&A and as a CFO, with significant management experience, leading teams ranging from 10 to 170 people.He's ideally positioned to boost sales performance, identify growth opportunities, drive international or product launches, and provide M&A advice.

Session :
200 €
Alexandra Boulin
Directrice Générale & Co-fondatrice @ Okola

Alexandra Boulin-Jacquet is a seasoned leader with an impressive trajectory that spans across strategic roles in healthcare, finance, and education. As a key figure at Doctolib, she played a pivotal role, notably as the Global Communications Director and Chief of Staff to the CEO, where she was instrumental in shaping the company’s strategic direction and enhancing its communication across Europe. Her work contributed significantly to Doctolib’s mission to simplify healthcare access and services, showcasing her ability to drive initiatives that blend technology with healthcare.

Prior to her tenure at Doctolib, Alexandra honed her expertise in the financial sector with BNP Paribas CIB. As a Senior Consultant and M&A analyst, she navigated complex financial landscapes, providing strategic insights to top management and contributing to high-stakes M&A transactions in the energy and mid-cap sectors. Her international experience, especially in Paris and New York, equipped her with a global perspective on business strategy and financial consulting.

In addition to her corporate achievements, Alexandra is committed to developing future leaders through her role as a Teaching Assistant at HEC Paris. Specializing in Purposeful Leadership, she guides students in finding their own paths to leadership that is both effective and ethically grounded, emphasizing the importance of purpose in business and personal growth.

Alexandra’s ability to mentor individuals in 30-minute coaching sessions would focus on strategic communication, leadership development, navigating career transitions, and insights into the financial and healthcare industries. Her diverse experience makes her an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their strategic thinking, leadership skills, and understanding of complex market dynamics.

Session :
Sébastien Ramel
Co-founder of multiple startup since 2013, held various operational roles (CEO/CSO/COO).

Sébastien Ramel's professional journey is a testament to his dedication and versatility in the entrepreneurial landscape. As a co-founder of multiple companies since concluding his academic pursuits, Sébastien has seamlessly adapted his operational roles to suit the evolving needs of each venture. His hands-on experience spans across all facets of B2B sales, where he has masterfully honed his skills in devising effective go-to-market strategies, managing intricate sales cycles, nurturing customer relations, and spearheading commercial growth. Sébastien's approach to accelerating business development involves assembling talented teams and establishing clear, attainable objectives.

Since 2018, Sébastien has expanded his influence by mentoring over 25 co-founder teams. His pragmatic, solution-driven methodology has been instrumental in guiding these teams towards realizing their business objectives while navigating the complexities of startup growth and scalability. His expertise is particularly evident in several key domains:

Business Model Analysis and Sales Machine Implementation: Sébastien excels in scrutinizing business models to devise and implement robust sales mechanisms that significantly boost the commercialization of products and services.

Founder Team Support for Organizational Structure: He aids founder teams in crafting the ideal organizational setup, ensuring a harmonious alignment and clear distribution of roles to mitigate internal disputes.

Entrepreneurial Coaching for Focus and Problem Resolution: Through his coaching, Sébastien empowers entrepreneurs to stay focused and overcome the hurdles they face in their entrepreneurial journey.

Board Participation as an Independent Member: His insights and independent stance make him a valuable member of boards, where he contributes to strategic decisions and governance.

Optimization of Value Creation: Sébastien is committed to offering strategic approaches that structure and maximize the value generated by founders, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Sébastien Ramel's multifaceted expertise and proactive support have made him a cornerstone in the entrepreneurial community, where he continues to inspire and facilitate the success of startups and their founders.

Session :
Jean-Christophe RIOUST
Consultant en Management, Vente et Recrutement

Drawing upon two decades of experience within Automotive Parts Distribution Groups (Renault-Groupauto), my professional journey has traversed various roles including Sales, Training, Sales Management, and National Commercial Directorship.

In 2009, the impetus to forge my own path arose – a compelling urge to explore my true capabilities by immersing myself in what I know best and cherish most: Commercial Development, Management, and Executive Recruitment for Start-ups, SMEs, and Corporations. Consistently delivering tangible results and fostering unwavering commitment has been the hallmark of my approach, underpinned by straightforward, pragmatic, and operationally effective solutions.

Key areas of expertise include:

- Client Acquisition (being in the field, Web, LinkedIn)
- Pioneering Strategic Formulation
- Talent Acquisition and Retention
- Enhanced Management Practices

My ability to listen attentively and empathize with real and lived challenges such as Cash Flow, Competition, Time Constraints, and Market Dynamics sets me apart. I seamlessly adapt to corporate culture and specific requirements, delivering straightforward, decoded discourse while proposing solutions that optimize all available resources (Time, Skills, Money).

My consultancy is driven by a results-oriented and client-centric ethos.

Session :
Thomas Lizeul
Sales Strategy Manager chez Doctolib

After 4 years in Doctolib's fast growth environment, Thomas has had numerous challenges within the sales operations team.

His current focus is on sales cycle optimisation, pipeline & lead management and dashboard development to provide stakeholders with new insights into the French teams (covering a scope of over 400 sales people, with direct management responsibility for two associate).

Passionate about optimizing sales processes, Thomas excels in sales automation, hunting strategy and Salesforce CRM.

Ready to transform your sales operations? Thomas is eager to leverage his expertise to enhance your sales effectiveness!

Session :
Axel Valensi
Sales consultant and ex head of sales at Beanstock

Recognized as a specialist in the Proptech sector, this former Head of Sales and entrepreneur excels in enhancing sales team performance and coaching executives. His career is highlighted by team management, the development of sales strategies, and training, all supported by a DISC communication certification. He stands out for his holistic approach, covering all aspects of sales to drive business growth.

Passionate about mentoring, he provides tailored support to startups and leaders, implementing effective commercial processes and robust growth strategies. As a consultant, he transforms sales processes and optimizes acquisition funnels, thereby fostering sustainable business development.

His clients value his ability to deliver quality advice, his diligence, and his commitment to meeting deadlines. He is a preferred partner for businesses looking to energize their commercial strategy and accelerate their growth.

Session :
Jordan Chevalier
Revenue Operations Manager - Salesforce expert

Jordan has 6 years of experience working in start-up/scale-up companies such as JobTeaser, Doctolib, Spendesk, and PlayPlay. During this time, Jordan has worked in different roles such as Revenue Operations Manager, Salesforce Business Analyst, and Salesforce Administrator.

His main activities are centered around Salesforce Technical Consulting, No-code tools building and Revenue Operations Management. He has a strong expertise in the following areas:

• CRM: Salesforce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, High-Velocity Sales)
• SFDC third-parties: DocuSign, Talkdesk, Aircall, RingOver, GetFeedback, LaneFour, Cognism, LinkedIn Sales Navigator
• Cadence Systems: Salesloft, Outreach
• Cross-tools automation: Zapier, n8n, Make
• App-building:, Airtable, Glide
• Billing Tools: Chargebee, Stripe
• Data Management: DemandTools, LinkedIn Sales Insight

Jordan is also Salesforce certified in the following areas: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Business Analyst, Platform App-Builder, Sales Cloud Consultant & Service Cloud Consultant.

If you need a freelancer with expertise in multiple Sales SaaS Systems, then Jordan will be the right person for you.

Session :
Jean-Vladimir Boulin
Country Manager Ex Choco, Manomano

Just wrapped up a thrilling 4 year journey of a now global company named Choco. During my tenure, I successfully established and led the french remote sales team for over two years before taking on the role of Country Manager in Belgium. Prior to Choco, I had some exciting positions at places like Click&Boat and ManoMano, mixed with some insightful VC experience at Serena Capital. I’ve got a knack for spotting trends and opportunities.

Session :
Jean-Sebastien Corbel
Business development expert with more then 15 years of experiences

Jean-Sébastien is an expert in business development and marketing with over 15 years of experience in the B2B sector.

Two years ago, he founded SIZE UP, a company specializing in implementing growth marketing and outbound marketing campaigns for its clients. If you're looking to energize your entrepreneurial project, discuss client acquisition strategies, or explore prospecting, Jean-Sébastien is the ideal person to guide you.

Session :
Annika Baum
Chief Sales Officer at Evaneos

Annika, an accomplished Sales Leader with over 15 years of experience, played a crucial role in Evaneos' development, accompanying the company from start- to scale-up. Serving as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and a Board Member for over 4 years, she orchestrated the design and implementation of sales strategies, streamlined processes and communication, and managed a global community of travel agencies. Annika possesses extensive expertise in company organization, transformation, and the cross-functional management of Sales, Tech, and Product teams.

Internationally, in her role as Country Manager, she strategically formulated go-to-market strategies for DACH, successfully transforming it into Evaneos' premier international markets.

Are you in need of guidance for sales team set-up, segmentation, or transformation? Do you encounter challenges aligning your teams with the overall company strategy or coordinating sales with product/tech teams? Perhaps you seek advice on your go-to-market strategy.
Alternatively, if you're planning to establish an executive board and require best practices for a successful launch and operation, Annika is here to provide expert insights and support your endeavors.

Session :
100 €
Pierre-Emmanuel Branger
Podcast Host and Ex AE at Spendesk

He specializes in managing challenging and international sales projects, focusing on providing effective leadership and strong project coordination. His approach is rooted in extensive communication and a solid understanding of business processes. A key part of his strategy is integrating sales with outbound strategies to create a cohesive approach. He leads Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and sales teams, ensuring they are aligned with growth objectives and performance management standards. His expertise also extends to designing and implementing efficient processes and systems, essential for the smooth operation of the sales function. Additionally, he excels in outbound acquisition, applying targeted strategies to attract and engage potential customers. Lastly, he's skilled in various closing techniques and sales methodologies, ensuring not only to reach but to exceed sales targets.

Session :
100 €
Florent Vernet
Co-Founder at Sales & strategies

Florent is an expert in Selling to Executives with 10 years of experience to sell tech and disruptive innovation in different BtoB industries.
He built and sold 2 technologies companies in IoT and Machine learning, he knows which sales and growth marketing decisions to scale business from scratch.
He can give you hacks like How to contact, access and secure a meeting with the most inaccessible decision-makers ? How to pitch your value to succeed in your first meeting ? How to use the power of your vision as a lever for change ? How to encourage a decision-maker to mobilize his authority among his team ? How to deal with all objections such as lack of budget, time or even see this with my N-1 ? Previously, Florent help 52 founders, VP of sales and Chief Sales Officer with strategy, culture, people, process, system, skills issues. Florent have enough expertise to guide you during our sales transformation and performance. He will be ok to open his network

Session :
100 €
Anass Zekri
Head of Sales at Pemo

Anass Zekri is an accomplished sales professional with a diverse background in sales, business development, and coaching. During his four years at Spendesk, he played a pivotal role in expanding into the IBERIA market, scaling from 0$ to 1M$ ARR. Anass also worked as a consultant for startups, focusing on SaaS and e-commerce ventures, providing strategic guidance in go-to-market planning and team structure & organisation.

His passion for coaching led him to join Mantra (ex: Growthmakers) as a sales coach, where he has helped over 30 sales professionals enhance their strategies and skills. Currently, Anass serves as the Head of Sales at Pemo, a prominent fintech solution based in Dubai. In this role, he leads go-to-market strategies, builds high-performing teams, and prepares for expansion across the Middle East.

Anass's expertise in go-to-market strategies, team building, and revenue generation has significantly contributed to the success of numerous companies. His commitment to empowering others and delivering results makes him an invaluable asset to any organization.

Session :
100 €
Yannick Gery
Head of Revenue Operations at Mytraffic

Yannick is an expert in revenue operations, sales automations and global productivity enhancements. After working in heavy industry, consulting and scale-ups he can help you build a 6-month roadmap to gain up to 40% of productivity in your processes. Depending on your company's size and available profiles you'll be able to hire less and scale better just by discovering the mindset of business operations and the wide range of tools that empower what we do.
I previously worked for Ankorstore, scaling tools and processes for HR, finance, sales and customer service from 50 employees to hundreds, migrating from Hubspot to Salesforce and so many other topics. I joined a new scale-up where I continue to work in Business Operations, adding Business Intelligence and similar topics to my scope.

Session :
100 €

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It's been a while we were thinking about changing our Go-To-Market strategy with my co-founder. We had instincs on what needed to be done but we wanted to get validation from experienced people in our niche. We booked 3 calls with 3 expert in 3 days. It didn't fail. They help use refine our strategy in details and helped us build a clear roadmap for the next year.
Better Call is now my go-to ressource when I need quick inputs from experts on a specific topics.

Jean-Baptiste Jezequel

Co-Founder Evaboot

A high-quality solution for swiftly connecting with technology experts. Better Call offers pertinent responses that significantly expedite the advancement of projects.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend it for anyone seeking efficient and reliable tech consultations.

Rayan Benamour

Project Manager Stratégie & Développement chez LPH

Great experience on Better Call! In just a few clicks, we can easily organize a fruitful exchange with an expert on our current issue.

In one word: efficient.

Andréas Lambropoulos

CPO and co-founder of Tripartie

I was looking for real strategic and hands-on expertise on a specific topic (SEO). Thanks to Better Call, I was able to book a call with JB, one of the top experts in the field, in less than 2 days.  
In just 30 minutes of the call, JB was able to provide me with a wealth of highly actionable advice for the short term, no nonsense. We easily saved several hours of work.
The ability to tap into the best experts on each subject is an invaluable resource for any business leader.

François Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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