Florent Vernet
Co-Founder at Sales & strategies
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Florent is an expert in Selling to Executives with 10 years of experience to sell tech and disruptive innovation in different BtoB industries.
He built and sold 2 technologies companies in IoT and Machine learning, he knows which sales and growth marketing decisions to scale business from scratch.
He can give you hacks like How to contact, access and secure a meeting with the most inaccessible decision-makers ? How to pitch your value to succeed in your first meeting ? How to use the power of your vision as a lever for change ? How to encourage a decision-maker to mobilize his authority among his team ? How to deal with all objections such as lack of budget, time or even see this with my N-1 ? Previously, Florent help 52 founders, VP of sales and Chief Sales Officer with strategy, culture, people, process, system, skills issues. Florent have enough expertise to guide you during our sales transformation and performance. He will be ok to open his network

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Sales & strategies
Nov. 2018 - today - 4 years 11 months

Coaching and personalized, operational support for :
👉 Selling BtoB innovation
👉 Selling value
👉 Selling to executives
👉 Negotiation

General Manager
may 2022 - today - 1 year 5 months

The affinity marketing solution for monetizing and building customer loyalty.

We market a turnkey platform of benefits and services to monetize the audience of e-commerce sites and create a bond with your customers.

Directeur Commercial et Marketing
La laiterie de la Roche
Feb. 2018 - Aug. 2021 - 3 years 7 months
Co-founder: Sales and marketing manager
Vue des Tribunes
August 2017 - June 2018 - 11 months

Apoll.one cameras make it easier than ever for semi-pro and amateur sports associations to film and share their matches.
Apoll.one cameras and software film matches without a cameraman.
Thanks to Apoll.one, it's never been easier to promote your sponsors on video, and help your players improve through video.

Business developer et Stratégie go to market innovation BtoC et BtoB
June 2015 - July 2017 - 2 years 2 months

IDOSENS est une startup qui apporte une innovation dans le monde émergent des objets connectés : la longue distance. Nous concevons et lançons des objets connectés haut de gamme permettant de veiller sur les lieux dépourvus de connexion internet : caves à vin, résidences secondaire, moto, scooter, et d'autres produits à venir.

Notre mission faire bénéficier d'un quotidien simplifié et plus serein au grand public.

Identifier les besoins des clients et des nouvelles opportunités en collaboration avec les ingénieurs et désigner, Application méthode Test & Lean. Développement de partenariats clés : publics, privés. Définition de la stratégie globale pour le lancement d'un produit créant un nouveau segment de marché.

Déclinaison de la stratégie sur les différents canaux avec une forte orientation acquisition & conversion sur moteurs de recherche, réseaux sociaux et site internet. Retargeting. Mise en place et envoie de newsletters. Reporting performance : quantité, qualité, ROI.

Création de support de promotion : PLV, packaging, vidéo. Gestion projets avec agence de communication. Organisation et présence sur salons nationaux et internationaux.

Prospection commerciale auprès de la Grande Distribution Spécialisée : High Tech, Bricolage. Assurer la mise en oeuvre du merchandising en point de vente. Formation vendeur. Suivi chiffré des résultats par enseignes offline et online. Gestion relation clients. Construction processus ADV/SAV

Définition des objectifs, du calendrier et des actions presses avec la chargée de presse , Pitch de lancement produit auprès de journalistes nationaux

Entrepreneur Consultant
Entrepreneur Consultant
June 2015 - July 2017 - 2 years 2 months

Six coaching sessions for entrepreneurs and SME/SMI company heads. Confronted with real-life issues, I have to identify and defend recommendations and an action plan before a panel of professionals.

Our consulting missions cover a wide range of sectors and topics related to entrepreneurship:
- Creation: drafting of a complete business plan, including an economic, technological and financial assessment of a business creation project. (sector: sports)

- Turnaround: financial analysis and diagnosis of difficulties to propose an exit strategy. (agri-food sector)
- Sales: negotiation and sales, management of sales teams, preparation and follow-up of sales dashboards (BtoB web & health sector).
- Development: strategic and organizational diagnosis to suggest ways of strengthening the company in commercial, legal, financial and structural terms. (retail sector)
- Communication: implementation of a communication policy both in terms of global image and products, and design of these tools. (Sector: silver-economy)
- Valuation: financial assessment of the entity's value, including organizational, tax, asset and financial aspects of the operation. (Sector: BtoB distribution)

Miel de toi
July 2014 - August 2014 - 2 months

Miel de toi is a participatory beehive financing company.

Product Marketing Manager
Saint Priest
Jan. 2014 - Jul. 2014 - 7 months

The Castel Frères group is the number 1 wine producer and merchant in Europe and number 3 worldwide, with 640 million bottles of wine, sales of 1.4 billion euros and 10,000 employees.

My missions are threefold. I had to develop the various product ranges profitably. Ensure compliance with the entire marketing mix for private labels, and define a development strategy for the drive-through channel for the private label network.

Florent Vernet
100€ / 30 min