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Jean-Pierre Nadir
Founder of FairMoove, offering more than 5000 accommodation - host of 'Qui veut être mon associé?' on M6

Jean-Pierre Nadir, a visionary in the entrepreneurial and tourism sector, stands out for his eclectic and innovative professional trajectory. Coming from a modest background, his journey begins impressively in his teenage years when he founded his first company in the fast pizza delivery service in Paris, laying the first stones of his entrepreneurial spirit.

His foray into the press world, alongside influential figures such as Robert Lafont, marks a key stage in his career. By buying and relaunching Le Sport, and then founding Les Éditions de Demain, Jean-Pierre Nadir demonstrates an extraordinary ability to diversify his activities while injecting a dynamic of renewal. These initiatives allow him to launch several influential titles in the fields of travel, cuisine, and more, consolidating his status as a recognized press publisher.

With the creation of in 2000, Jean-Pierre Nadir revolutionizes the e-tourism sector by providing a comprehensive portal of information and comparison for travelers. Under his direction, Easyvoyage becomes a benchmark, showcasing his flair for anticipating market trends and meeting consumer expectations.

His latest company,, embodies his commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. By promoting travel that respects ecology and ethics, Jean-Pierre Nadir continues his goal of reinventing the sector, once again proving his ability to innovate and positively impact society.

In parallel, his role as a Business Angel reflects his desire to support and mentor the new generation of entrepreneurs, focusing on projects with a positive impact. His investment in the show "Qui veut être mon associé?" reflects his commitment to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and offering his expertise to those looking to turn their ideas into reality.

Currently residing in France, Jean-Pierre Nadir combines his passion for entrepreneurship with a balanced lifestyle, favoring closeness to nature and family values. His journey, marked by the creation and transformation of innovative companies, makes him an emblematic figure of the French entrepreneurial world, inspiring many aspirants to follow in his footsteps.

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Toni Paignant
Cofounder at

Toni Paignant, co-founder of StarOfService, has turned a simple idea into a global platform that connects people with professional services. From the start, Toni and his cofounders worked without pay for two years, pushing the platform from zero visitors to an impressive 10 million monthly visits. This journey showcases not just dedication but a remarkable rise based on self-taught skills and a hands-on approach, without any external SEO help.

The platform's success is evident in its numbers: over 11 million euros raised from investors and a presence in more than 80 countries. Toni's story is a clear example of starting from the bottom and climbing to the top, proving that big achievements can come from humble beginnings.  

Today, Toni is regarded as a resourceful expert in acquisition, with skills in Sales, SEO, and Email Marketing. Understanding that many startups face challenges in these areas, he is well-positioned to offer invaluable support and insights.

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Hugo Bentz
CEO and Podcast host at La Chapelle - Founded 6 companies with over €1M revenue each

Meet Hugo Bentz, a Bordeaux-based entrepreneur fueled by a passion for entrepreneurship, organization, and sales. With a vibrant online presence, Hugo shares his expertise through various channels: his YouTube channel, LaChapelle-TV, his podcast, La Chapelle Radio, and his personal newsletter hosted on Substack.

Over the past 12 years, Hugo has co-founded six companies, each generating over 1 million euros in annual revenue. These ventures span a variety of industries, showcasing Hugo's versatile entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to drive success across different markets.

Among his notable achievements is the creation of, a Start-up & Agency Studio designed to foster innovation and support emerging businesses. Hugo's commitment to "building in public" is further exemplified through his work with Founders Paradise, a platform that encourages transparency and collaboration among entrepreneurs.

Hugo's entrepreneurial journey includes founding:

  • LA PISCINE (2015): A dropshipping-specialized factory with an annual revenue exceeding 4 million euros. Despite its success, the company faced liquidation in 2019.
  • KYMONO (2017): A company dedicated to designing corporate culture, achieving an impressive annual revenue of over 10 million euros.
  • KERMESS (2018): A market-leading company in the student sector, with annual revenues surpassing 3 million euros.
  • KAPSUL (2019): A creator of turnkey textile collections for large and specialized retail stores, with annual revenues of more than 3 million euros, successfully exited in 2022.
  • ARAOK (2019): Specializing in textile and accessory sourcing, this company generates over 1.5 million euros in annual revenue.
  • LE PLONGEOIR (2015): An advisory, creation, and distribution agency for brands, boasting an annual revenue of 750,000 euros.

Hugo's expertise extends beyond company founding. He is deeply committed to assisting entrepreneurs in overcoming challenges related to execution, scaling sales from 100K to 1 million euros annually, and navigating sales and distribution in large retail formats. Furthermore, he offers invaluable advice on organization and time management, essential skills for any successful entrepreneur.

Hugo Bentz's journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and strategic thinking in the entrepreneurial world. Through his ventures and guidance, he continues to inspire and support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz
30 years experience as Investor, Board Member, 5x Founder

Rodrigo Sepúlveda Schulz is a powerhouse in entrepreneurship and investment, demonstrating a robust track record across various sectors, participating in over 70 financing transactions, with 25 exits to date, including 3 exceeding $1 billion in valuation each (2 IPOs, 18 M&A, only 5 bankruptcies). In addition to investing, Rodrigo consults with corporates and startups, offering his strategic insights and broad network to assist in their growth and establishing successful partnerships.

As a respected thought leader, Rodrigo is a sought-after speaker, startup mentor, jury member in startup competitions, and occasional lecturer at top-tier graduate schools. He also actively participates in the podcasting space, contributing to over 800 podcasts in the past decade, and providing insightful commentary on the business aspects of technology. Multilingual in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Thai, Rodrigo brings to bear his global perspectives and multifaceted skills in all his endeavors, standing as a versatile professional and an adventurous life explorer.

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Christophe Duhamel
Founder of Marmiton

Christophe Duhamel, co-founder on Marmiton, is a pioneer of the Internet in France. He started as a computer engineer in one of the first web agencies in France in 1995, before shifting towards marketing and consulting out of interest.He completed his training with a master's degree in marketing management at ESSEC business school.As Marmiton CEO for 20 years, he brought the site from zero to over 20 million unique users per month, managing all new leverages: communities, video, mobile, social networks, vocal interface, managed to launch a (profitable) paper magazine and more than 50 cookbooks.

He worked with most food brands, ad agencies, tech companies, and big media groups owning Marmiton (aufeminin, Axel Springer, TF1, Reworld).Christophe is also a writer and a teacher in several business schools (entrepreneurship, digital marketing), since he loves sharing his experience and helping companies to innovate.

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Marjolaine Grondin
CEO and Co-Founder at Jam - Forbes 30 under 30

Marjolaine Grondin is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Jam, a Messenger media for 15-25-year-olds, recently acquired by June Marketing agency. She completed a double master's program at HEC and has a background in Sciences Po and the University of Berkeley, where her passion for entrepreneurship took root.

She is renowned for her achievements, including being part of Forbes' 30 Under 30 and MIT’s Top Innovators Under 35. Marjolaine was the first female entrepreneur to speak at Facebook's F8 conference and was recognized as one of France's top 20 entrepreneurs in 2021.

Marjolaine is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals in creating fulfilling and authentic lives by reconnecting with themselves, others, and nature. She travels across Europe to share her insights on new work paradigms and the societal, economic, and philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence. Her current projects include the development of innovative living and creative spaces, as well as editorial work as the French ambassador for Adobe. Additionally, she pursues her passions as a DJ and avid surfer 🏄‍♀️

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Thibaud Dumas
Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur

With a 15-year trajectory blending neuroscience with entrepreneurial ventures, Thibaud stands out as a dynamic force in the convergence of science and business. He is also a published author and international speaker, having presented at TEDx and similar platforms.

After earning his PhD at the Brain Institute in Paris, Thibaud co-founded and served as the former COO of My Brain Technologies. He played a pivotal role in the design and success of the "Mélomind" relaxation headset, which received multiple accolades and was recognized at CES Las Vegas as one of the most innovative startups. He led the first fundraising efforts with VCs, Business Angels, and public entities. He also structured the company to grow from 2 to over 30 people, organized the supply chain, and manufacturing in France, Taiwan, and China. Additionally, he is the co-author of 2 patents.

Thibaud is an expert in strategy, operations, and fundraising, especially for early-stage projects. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build solid foundations for their companies, including aspects such as founder relations, vision definition, HR, R&D strategy, product roadmap, finance, and organizational structure.

His entrepreneurial spirit is further demonstrated through his co-founding and leadership at a Parisian startup incubator, where he supported over a hundred startups across diverse sectors such as deeptech, digital, health, agroecology, and crafts, with a keen eye on social impact. His mentoring at various institutions (Wilco, CNRS, Polytechnique, CentraleSupelec) and his international engagements, including incubator projects and entrepreneur support programs in Ukraine, Japan, Korea, and Australia, underline his global perspective and commitment to fostering innovation.

Thibaud has had the rare opportunity to experience fundraising from various angles: as an entrepreneur pitching and negotiating with investors, as an Incubator Director, as a VC, and as a business angel himself.

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Julien Laz
Founder of

3x Lead founder, 5x co-founder, 11x investor

Founder of, a travel guide that attracted more than 110 million visitors thanks to SEO and inbound marketing, with less than 5 k€ budget.
Also founded Rue24, a private accelerator that helps start-up, CEO and innovators to refine their strategy and unlock their growth.

Strong expertise in : SEO, inbound marketing, strategic marketing, pitch deck, product roadmap, business modèle and web monetization, content & editorial strategy, sales automation and multi-channel B2B sales, B2B negociations.

Strategic Advisor in the "0 to 1" road (i helped or co founded several projets that went from 0 to x00k€ annual turnover, launcher tens of New services / produits / websites). Also advise scale up and bigger companies to refine their model, challenge their marketing, innovate from scratch, optimize their funnel, launch a product, optimize their seo or improve their margin.

Invested in early stage in several start-up (X11) in travel tech, agri tech, food tech, saas, chatbot, IA projects, B2B sales prospection, marketplace....

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Leonid Goncharov
Founder and CEO at Anticafé and Co-founder & CEO at Work & Go

Léonid Goncharov, a visionary and the founder of Anticafé, has paved a revolutionary path in the world of work for digital nomads. Inspired by the culture and entrepreneurial education at ESCP Paris, Léonid conceived Anticafé, a unique space blending café, home, and coworking office, where time spent becomes the currency. This revolutionary idea met the flexibility needs of freelancers, students, and businesses, providing a stimulating place for work, exchange, and creation.

Under Léonid's leadership, Anticafé quickly flourished, expanding its network to 14 locations across Europe and welcoming over a million clients in 10 years. With approximately 500 employees throughout its history, Léonid has demonstrated a deep commitment to a more open and collaborative work world. In 2022, he took a new step by selling Anticafé as well as Clue & Co, an escape game.

Not stopping there, Léonid is currently working on his fifth startup, Work & Go, continuing his journey of innovation in entrepreneurship.

Alongside his businesses, he leads Ensemble Ukraine, an organization with 20 volunteers and a budget of 2 million euros, having carried out 67 humanitarian projects to date. Léonid's career, from his early steps as an entrepreneur to his humanitarian engagement, illustrates an impressive trajectory marked by perseverance, innovation, and a passion for entrepreneurship, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams with determination and creativity.

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Pierre Gaubil
CEO at 34 elements

Pierre is a distinguished entrepreneur and investor with a history of co-founding four startups in the US and Europe. He notably led one of these startups to a successful IPO and played a key role in two major mergers and acquisitions.

Over 17 years in San Francisco, Pierre honed his skills in the midst of the tech industry's elite. His extensive experience as a General Partner at The Refiners, an early-stage venture capital fund in San Francisco, includes investing in 54 startups.He is currently leading 34 Elements, a revolutionary methodology designed to guide startups towards achieving product-market fit.

Pierre's expertise extends to coaching over 300 startups, specializing in strategy development. His areas of proficiency encompass vision creation, team building, equity structuring, value proposition development, market positioning, segmented market targeting, go-to-market strategy formulation, business model innovation, data-driven decision-making frameworks and fundraising.

Additionally, Pierre is a prolific author and a well-respected voice in the industry. He contributes regularly to two esteemed American digital magazines, Data Driven Investor and The Startup, and hosts his own podcast, 34 Elements. His insights are widely sought after, as evidenced by his frequent appearances as a guest on popular podcasts such as Silicon Carne, Tech 45, Marketing Square, Le Board, and others.

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Théo Dorp
Co-founder of Pylote & Crème de la Crème

Théo Dorp, 31 years old, is the co-founder of the startups Crème de la Crème & Pylote. He was one of the early evangelists of freelancing in France.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, he started launching tech projects as soon as he came of age.

A graduate of EDHEC Business School, he co-founded the freelance platform Crème de la Crème right after his studies. With it, he raised €5 million and recruited a total of 100+ people.

In 2019, he left the management team, became a freelancer for 2 years, before launching his new startup: Pylote! A Chrome extension that allows tech freelancers to update all their online profiles from a single interface.

In addition to all this, he advises and supports entrepreneurs in launching and managing their companies. In 2 years, he has coached 30+ entrepreneurs (, aucode, didi, pinock, blockchainyourip, Viqtory, la cantine des talents, etc.).

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Adrien Plat
CMO & co-founder and BulldozAIR

With over 10 years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing, I have a proven track record of building go-to-market strategies, scaling acquisition efforts, and driving revenue and growth for tech startups across various industries and customer segments. I have co-founded and led the marketing function of Indy, a leading accounting software for freelancers, where we achieved remarkable milestones such as 50000 customers, $10M ARR, and $50M funding in five years.

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Manuel Jaffrin
GetApp Co-founder (acquired by Gartner NYSE:IT)

With over a decade of experience in the Corporate IT sector at Sun Microsystems, Manuel Jaffrin ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding GetApp in 2009, a bootstrapped venture where he served as COO. GetApp is designed to assist businesses in finding and comparing trusted software solutions. His efforts led to the acquisition of the company by Gartner (NYSE: IT) in June 2015, resulting in the formation of a new business unit, Gartner Digital Markets. Jaffrin played a pivotal role in scaling the business to over $20M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) before departing in 2017. Currently, he leverages his experience to invest in startups and offer guidance to tech entrepreneurs on critical growth strategies, including initial growth phases, demand generation, building scalable sales operations, and fundraising.

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Romain Lavielle
Head of portfolio and dealflow at Ava capital, Managing HEC's entrepreneurship certificate

Romain is a former entrepreneur, he created Digital Village (network of co-working spaces) and a B2B Saas in customer complaint management. He has a double background of engineer (EFREI Paris) and business (HEC Paris) wich made him start his career in digital at the early ages (he was one of the first 1000 French accounts on Facebook ;-) ).
After having managed Incubateur HEC Paris startup program, he has turned to the investor side, by managing dealflow and portfolio support at Ava Capital (100 startups in portfolio).

His analytical skills make him spot the core problem and go straight to the point to find a solution. Fond of lean, he'll always advize to test and learn.

Romain loves to support entrepreneurs, he has seen thousands of pitchs and one-to-one meetings with founders. He has a passion for great founders and loves to help them build incredible products and develop great companies.

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Alexandre Rispal
Former Top 100 Insurtech in the world CEO, Author on innovation

Alexandre Rispal, a graduate of Sciences Po Lille in Public Affairs, holds a Doctor of Business Administration and has completed executive education courses at INSEAD and Harvard Business School online.

He worked as a marketing and innovation manager and general subsidiary director for major insurance companies and bancassurers for 10 years. In 2016, he co-founded and became the CEO of Moonshot-Internet, one of the pioneers of embedded B2B2C insurance in France, aiming to make insurance simple, useful, and accessible to everyone. He led the company to 500,000 contracts and into the top 100 Insurtechs globally in 2019 by signing partnerships with major Chinese and Indian companies. Between 2019 and 2023, he continued his journey by supporting the governance structure and development strategy of several Insurtechs and Sportechs as an Operating Partner and C-level advisor.

He also co-founded Insurtech France in 2020, an association that now has 280 corporate members. Passionate about new technologies, he regularly writes as a contributor for Forbes France in the Technology and Business section and has published several books on AI, the metaverse, and transhumanism. He also teaches at various business schools in France and the United Kingdom

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JB Jezequel
Co-Founder at Evaboot

JB grew Evaboot's revenue from 0 to $2M in Annual Recurring Revenue. All that being the only person in charge of client acquisition.

That led him to develop a lot of B2B Lead Generation skills  in areas like SEO, YouTube, LinkedIn, and email prospecting.‍

He's deeply passionate about building Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Monetization strategies for B2B businesses.

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Sébastien Ramel
Co-founder of multiple startup since 2013, held various operational roles (CEO/CSO/COO).

Sébastien Ramel's professional journey is a testament to his dedication and versatility in the entrepreneurial landscape. As a co-founder of multiple companies since concluding his academic pursuits, Sébastien has seamlessly adapted his operational roles to suit the evolving needs of each venture. His hands-on experience spans across all facets of B2B sales, where he has masterfully honed his skills in devising effective go-to-market strategies, managing intricate sales cycles, nurturing customer relations, and spearheading commercial growth. Sébastien's approach to accelerating business development involves assembling talented teams and establishing clear, attainable objectives.

Since 2018, Sébastien has expanded his influence by mentoring over 25 co-founder teams. His pragmatic, solution-driven methodology has been instrumental in guiding these teams towards realizing their business objectives while navigating the complexities of startup growth and scalability. His expertise is particularly evident in several key domains:

Business Model Analysis and Sales Machine Implementation: Sébastien excels in scrutinizing business models to devise and implement robust sales mechanisms that significantly boost the commercialization of products and services.

Founder Team Support for Organizational Structure: He aids founder teams in crafting the ideal organizational setup, ensuring a harmonious alignment and clear distribution of roles to mitigate internal disputes.

Entrepreneurial Coaching for Focus and Problem Resolution: Through his coaching, Sébastien empowers entrepreneurs to stay focused and overcome the hurdles they face in their entrepreneurial journey.

Board Participation as an Independent Member: His insights and independent stance make him a valuable member of boards, where he contributes to strategic decisions and governance.

Optimization of Value Creation: Sébastien is committed to offering strategic approaches that structure and maximize the value generated by founders, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

Sébastien Ramel's multifaceted expertise and proactive support have made him a cornerstone in the entrepreneurial community, where he continues to inspire and facilitate the success of startups and their founders.

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Faycal Slaoui
Cofounder of (Acq. by ACV Auctions)

Fayçal Slaoui, immediately after completing his Master's in Engineering at Centrale Supelec, embarked on a venture that would significantly impact the automotive industry. As the co-founder of, he harnessed artificial intelligence, specifically through advanced computer vision and deep learning, to introduce a groundbreaking method for detecting vehicle damages. This innovation not only streamlined assessments in the automotive sector but also led to a swift $30 million acquisition by ACV Auctions, a NASDAQ-listed entity, within a mere two years. For a deeper insight into their journey, click here.

Fayçal's journey is characterized by a seamless blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial instinct. Right from the outset, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to pinpoint and address complex challenges using AI, to build cohesive and effective teams, and to navigate the intricacies of fundraising and exit strategies. His commitment extends beyond business success; Fayçal is deeply invested in fostering the next wave of tech entrepreneurs, offering them grounded, actionable advice to help them succeed in the ever-evolving tech landscape. His career is a reflection of a commitment to innovation, strategic insight, and a pursuit of excellence that resonates with peers.

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Claire Obry
Co-founder French Wink, The Largest and Finest Curation of French Products in the USA

With 13 years of experience living in the U.S., I've not only become an American citizen but have also actively contributed to bridging the gap between American and French markets.

Specializing in retail, I've curated and created pop-up stores, fostering a unique digital marketplace dedicated to French products Through my work, I've cultivated a robust database of engaged American customers passionate about French savoir-faire. Beyond ecommerce, I'm a public speaker and comedian, contributing as the Communication Director for a unique French theater company in NYC.

Additionally, I've mentored French-speaking female entrepreneurs in NY and NJ, promoting self-empowerment and achieving notable successes.

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Marc de Zordo
Entrepreneur, Founder in MarTech industry (ex. myposeo, getfluence)

Marc de Zordo has founded and developed numerous companies, navigating them through phases of profitable growth and hyper-growth, and has made significant contributions to various projects across different sectors. His latest entrepreneurial venture, Getfluence, established in 2018, impressively scaled to a turnover of €10M within five years. Achieving profitability in just one year, he successfully raised €5M and led a team of over 50 employees, expanding operations across five European markets, with a footprint in five offices and three subsidiaries.

His approach is characterized by pragmatism and meticulous attention to detail, driven by a strong business orientation, a comprehensive perspective, and a robust tech/digital culture. This foundation has allowed him to excel in several key areas, including the definition and execution of digital, business, and marketing strategies; the creation and management of companies on both a local and international scale with effective deployment of resources; and the development of a business-centric product vision.

He has adeptly led wide-ranging 360-degree projects encompassing product and technology, from roadmap setting and objective definition to team management and deadline adherence. His strategies have consistently boosted productivity through the use of technology and automation while optimizing costs, ensuring the continuous growth of profitable businesses.

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Victorien De Doncker
CEO at Tripartie - Corporate Lawyer

Victorien, as the CEO and Co-Founder of, leads an innovative AI-based user dispute resolution SaaS designed specifically for marketplaces. He is driven by a mission to create a trusted and secure environment in the second-hand market and platforms, aiming to accelerate a shift in our consumption habits. His background includes experience as a Financial & Business Lawyer, further enriching his expertise.

Additionally, Victorien contributes to the academic world as a lecturer at Paris-Dauphine University. His specialization encompasses corporate finance, strategy, fundraising structuring, banking and finance law, corporate law, commercial law and intellectual property law, making him a versatile and knowledgeable leader in his field.

For instance, you can contact Victorien for the following missions:

Legal services:

- Intellectual property: trademark registration, competition audit, protection of your solution and inventions
- Company law: drafting and updating articles of association, drafting partners' agreements, assistance with fund-raising (capital increase, safe notes, partners current accounts), deployment of a "BSPCE" plan, drafting commercial contracts
- Commercial/Consumer law: drafting of terms and conditions/privacy policy/legal notices/cookies, RGPD audit

Entrepreneurship missions:

- Financing: public or private financing strategy, business plan drafting, etc
- Deploying a new offering: pricing strategy, building a sales argument, defining targets, etc

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François Menjaud
Co-founder & CEO at Fygr

After graduating with an MS in Corporate Finance from HEC Paris, François transitioned from a successful career in investment banking to fulfill his long-held dream of entrepreneurship. He co-founded Fygr with his childhood friend Geoffrey, a SaaS solution that merges his twin passions for finance and entrepreneurship. Fygr is designed to simplify financial management for SME managers, offering them a clear understanding of their current financial health and its progression. This empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions for future growth.

In developing Fygr, François frequently engages in meaningful conversations with fellow entrepreneurs and CFOs. He discusses various challenges in financial management, such as structuring growth and optimizing financial tools. François aims to share his extensive experience and expertise in these areas, helping them make strategic decisions and turn finance into a powerful tool for business growth.

His expertise covers a wide spectrum, including optimizing financial tool stacks, business planning and reporting, and developing financing strategies that encompass both debt and equity. He also has a keen interest in specialized transactions like M&A. François's comprehensive approach offers a holistic perspective on financial management in the entrepreneurial world.

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