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Melody Madar
Co-Founder Les Eclaireuses & C'est qui la boss ?

With over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Melody Madar has made a significant impact on the French media landscape. In 2014, at the young age of 24, Melody co-founded "Les Eclaireuses," a media outlet dedicated to highlighting women of all backgrounds. Quickly, Les Eclaireuses became the preferred media platform for women in France, gathering a community of over 8 million women.

In 2019, Melody launched a second media venture: "C'est qui la boss?" ("Who's the boss?"), aimed at supporting women in their careers by inspiring their ambitions and celebrating their successes. By showcasing inspiring role models from various backgrounds, "C'est qui la boss?" succeeded in bringing together over 700,000 women in France, offering podcasts, videos, and events that connected thousands of women and provided them with the connections they need to find their own voice and path.

Her success is further evidenced by the sale of her companies to the Media Groupe DC Company (Konbini and Legorafi).

Melody's mission towards women extends beyond her media ventures. She inaugurated Propulsโ€™her, a startup incubator aimed at boosting female entrepreneurship, and ranks in the top 3 of business angels under 35 years old. In recognition of her commitment to women, Melody Madar was hailed by Forbes as one of the 40 most influential women in France.

She shares her expertise in marketing strategy, communication, and community building on social media.

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Mรฉlanie Rauscher
Brand Consultant

Mรฉlanie Rauscher is a brand expert: She works as a Brand Strategist for international branding and media agencies and has worked as Deputy Communications Director of TGV INOUI (SNCF). She has defined brand and communication strategies for world-class brands like Coca-Cola, LVMH, Evian, Volkswagen, H&M, European Union, Lipton etc. She regularly works with tech startups. She is a brand strategy lecturer at CELSA Paris Sorbonne, Paris' number one communication school and is co-author of three marketing books (Ellipses Editions). ย 

If you're wondering what your brand should stand for, how it should communicate, what messages to put forth on your website, in your ads or in your sales pitch, wether it be for the French market or for other international markets, Mรฉlanie can help you. The objective: help you build a powerful brand so you can win and/or retain customers ; define a clear direction for your brand, so your life is easier on a daily basis when it comes to managing it.

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Nash Hughes
CSO of Light Me Up - innovation studio, CEO of Beam Me Up - tech4equity

Since he got back from Silicon Valley in 2018, Nash has been doing two things: he supports entrepreneurs in their projects, from ideation to Series A, and he accelerates transformation, change or innovation topics for medium and large companies.

After 15 years spent creating content (mainly for TV) and communications or production companies, Nash returned to his first love - tech companies - in 2016.

Since then, his purpose has been to help entrepreneurs or project holders (C-levels) move faster without making mistakes.

He has become a specialist in the "early stage" of entrepreneurship, and at the same time, an expert in collective intelligence methods that help SMBs and large corporations save time and money in the creation, deployment and growth of business solutions.

Change and transformation strategy are his favourite playground and whatever the subject, Nash always brings a data-driven and result oriented input to the table.

As a "problem solver" at heart, Nash finds great satisfaction in helping companies find solutions to the challenges they face, using inhouse talents, often through Design Sprint.

Nash is not a consultant.
He teaches, he passes on, he invests, he mentors, he advises, he facilitates.
Heโ€™s been coaching around 100 startups a year since 2017.
Nash also writes a tech and innovation newsletter called โ€˜The Ugly Truthโ€™.
He is half-English, a harpsichord player and the happy father of 4 wonderful daughters.

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Bruno Kaufmann
CEO of WeBoard, expert in governance and advisory boards

I bring a wealth of experience in facilitating strategic growth for CEOs through the development of custom-made advisory boards. My work at WeBoard is grounded in a rigorous selection and matching process, ensuring that each advisory board is uniquely tailored to the CEO's strategic needs. Esteemed leaders from mid-sized companies such as Christofle, Linxens, and Ayor have benefited from this bespoke approach, leveraging collective wisdom to navigate their strategic challenges successfully.

My expertise extends to creating a structured framework that promotes an effective exchange of insights, enabling informed decision-making and fostering strategic advancement. This methodology has proven its value in driving measurable outcomes, positioning me as a trusted advisor in the realm of executive leadership and governance. Through WeBoard, I have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing organizational performance by equipping CEOs with the tools and perspectives necessary to achieve their strategic objectives.

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Franรงois Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr
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