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Grégory Herbé is a seasoned professional in the recruitment field, known for his work with startups and scale-ups across France and Europe. His career milestones include the founding of MyJobCompany in 2011, an innovative platform that harnessed social networks for recruitment, demonstrating his ability to merge traditional practices with new technologies. This venture was successfully sold, marking a significant achievement in his career.

Beyond MyJobCompany, Grégory initiated Le Lab RH in 2015, aiming to bring fresh innovation into established corporations, and A-player in 2018, to assist startups in attracting top talent. His efforts reflect a deep understanding of the recruitment challenges faced by companies at different growth stages and his desire to offer tailored solutions.In addition to his professional pursuits, Grégory has ventured into social entrepreneurship with Dans Les Vestiaires in 2021, a podcast supporting athletes in their career development. This endeavor showcases his interest in applying his expertise to help individuals in various fields.

These facets of his life highlight a unique blend of business acumen and personal interests, making Grégory a multifaceted personality in the world of recruitment and beyond.

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