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Géraud Lamazère

Investor at Unicraft VC

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A passionate entrepreneur for over 15 years, I have developed several companies in the BtoC and BtoB markets. I have completed 2 significant exits. Today, I'm an investor in start-up projects. I know perfectly well the expectations of Angels Investors and VCs, and have developed a large network of professionals and investors. My aim is to share my rich experience of accompanying dozens of Stratups from ideation through product-market-fit, go-to-market and sales scaling strategies to the B-series. I'm personally passionate about tech issues.

AI Integration: I am constantly looking to integrate artificial intelligence solutions to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and create competitive advantages for the startups I work with. I'm an optimist with the ambition to make things happen.

Investor & Operating Partner
Unicraft VC
January 2023 - Today - 9 months

As an Investor and Operating Partner at Unicraft VC and its Venture Studio, I am passionate about identifying and supporting promising startups in the tech sector, particularly those focused on AI and sustainable growth. My role spans from the ideation phase to market launch, including sales strategy and growth.

🤝 I closely collaborate with founders, leveraging my expertise in product launches, sales strategies, and growth optimization to help companies stand out in a competitive market and achieve significant milestones.

💡 Ideation Phase: I work closely with founders from the early stages of their projects. This involves brainstorming sessions, market analyses, and validating business assumptions to refine the idea into a viable concept.

📈 Business Plan and Pitch Deck Creation: Once the idea is validated, I guide teams in crafting robust business plans and persuasive pitch decks. These documents not only attract investors but also provide clear direction for the company.

🚀 Launch Strategy: I oversee the planning and execution of the product or service launch. This includes defining KPIs, selecting distribution channels, and implementing targeted marketing campaigns.

🛒 Sales Strategy: I develop and implement effective sales strategies, ranging from lead generation to conversion and customer retention. My goal is to optimize the sales process to maximize revenue.

📊 Growth Optimization: After the launch, I continue to work on optimizing growth channels, using data analytics and AI techniques to improve customer acquisition and retention.

🤖 AI Integration: I am constantly looking to integrate artificial intelligence solutions to automate processes, enhance efficiency, and create competitive advantages for the startups I work with.

🌍 My goal is to create an ecosystem of companies that are not only financially successful but also bring about positive changes in the world.

Future's Builders
january 2023 - today - 9 months

We are all builders. We believe that disruptive technologies will change the world of work in profound and lasting ways.

We believe that these technologies will create new opportunities for professionals who understand them and use them to their advantage.

We believe that the key to success in this ever-changing world is anticipation. We are here to help professionals understand disruptive technologies and anticipate their impact on their professional lives.

We are here to help them seize the best opportunities and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. We are here to explore the latest trends in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and to share our knowledge with those who share our passion.

We believe that expertise is essential to understanding disruptive technologies, but we also believe that openness and exploration are equally important.

We believe that innovation drives growth and that professionals must be willing to embrace new ideas and approaches to succeed in a constantly changing world.

We are Future's Builders.

We are here to help you anticipate the future and seize the opportunities of tomorrow. We are here to accompany you in your exploration of disruptive technologies and to help you become leaders in your field. Join us in this exciting adventure and together, let's create a better future.

Founder (exit) CEO & Associate Partner : Sales & Marketing
Startup Slang
July 2016 - May 2022 - 5 years 11 months

🏆 Agency specializing in prospecting and business development for Tech companies

🚀 ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) as of April 2022: €3.5 million - Serving 100 collaborating partners

⭐ Concept development
⭐ Creation of the offer from A to Z
⭐ Implementation of the acquisition strategy (Inbound & Outbound)
⭐ Optimization of acquisition
⭐ Establishment of a Sales team, coordination, and support
⭐ Implementation of Sales Enablement
⭐ Implementation and monitoring of budgets and ROI
⭐ Management and coordination of teams

✅ Establishing a qualified lead generation machine (Inbound/Outbound, Marketing Automation, lead enrichment & scoring, etc.)
✅ Implementing a key account marketing strategy (Account-Based Marketing) and ensuring visibility with key accounts and contacts
✅ Coordinating efforts with the Marketing team (personas, branding, social media, content, differentiation strategies, etc.)
✅ Collaborating with the Sales team to identify targets, deploy lead generation strategies, and track implemented actions
✅ Developing and managing the annual budget, monitoring objectives, and optimizing investments (reporting, performance indicators, ROI, etc.)
✅ Analyzing the sales cycle and participating in its optimization, in support of the Sales team
✅ Implementing and deploying the technical stack for lead generation optimization
✅ Managing CRM systems: HubSpot and Pipedrive

SaaS Startups Advisor
SaaS Startups Advisor
June 2018 - Nov. 2021 - 3 years 6 months

A gathering of the best early-stage specialists.
Formerly known as Startup-Studio, established in 2017, and subsequently joined by a development agency, a communication platform, an investors' club, and around fifty partners. Founder Square is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and passionate industry experts who wanted to provide a concrete solution to young startups.

Our Observation:
👉 Traditional structures often have a primarily theoretical approach.
👉 In the first year, it is very difficult to assemble a competent and multidisciplinary team.
👉 Securing funding at the early stage is complicated and requires a real strategy.

Who is our incubation program for?
Founder Square supports project leaders who are in the ideation stage or facing the market. The objective is to transform their idea into a real business through our incubation program. Therefore, we primarily address early-stage entrepreneurs.

What does the 12-month incubation include?
Our Startup Support Kit includes:
✔️ Visual identity
✔️ Website
✔️ Product presentation video
✔️ Marketing brochure
✔️ Pre-seed Pitch Deck
✔️ Seed Pitch Deck

Human support:
✔️ 40 hours with a mentor
✔️ 15 hours of expertise on a specific subject
✔️ 12 hours with a board
✔️ An available account manager

Benefits for all project leaders:
✔️ Training platform
✔️ Partner discounts
✔️ Community access

How much does it cost?
We ask project leaders for €9,000 excluding taxes + 5% equity. We will be remunerated upon the resale of our shares in 3 or 4 years.

Founder - CEO
Faubourg Saint Sulpice
Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2015 - 8 years

La Maison Faubourg Saint Sulpice makes unique, made-to-measure menswear A young brand launched in 2009, it combines stylistic creativity with the tradition of made-to-measure. La Maison Faubourg Saint Sulpice relies on a high level of customer service.

Strategic consultant
Valyans Consulting
2007 - 2008 - 1 year

We develop strategies at different levels, from the individual company to the entire country:

Level 1: For corporate and project development strategies, the aim is to define the vocation, strategic positioning and financial package, whether it's a tourist resort, an industrial zone, a port complex, a theater... and to ensure its effective implementation to ensure lasting impact.

At the 2nd level: territorial development strategies covering all social and economic sectors relevant to the territory. This offer has taken on even greater significance since the adoption of advanced regionalization in Morocco.

Level 3: national sectoral strategies, which address complex social, economic and environmental issues on a national scale. We have to our credit several sector-based strategies in Morocco and in several African countries.

M2, Marketing & Business Development
KEDGE Business School
2006 - 2008

KEDGE is an international management school, based in Bordeaux, Dakar, Marseille, Paris, Suzhou, Shanghai, Abidjan and Toulon.

We are a triple-accredited institution (AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA) and a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.

We support companies and their future managers in driving and embedding the necessary changes.

We develop the skills of tomorrow's leaders and give all learners the means to better understand today's changing world, and to master its technological, social and environmental challenges.

We offer 31 management courses for students and professionals, as well as tailor-made courses for companies at national and international level.

The Financial Times ranks us 35th best Business School in Europe and 22nd worldwide for our Executive MBA.

Global executive master in management (GEMM) - majeure marketing, sales & business development
january 2021 - june 2022

Master the current and innovative practices, methods and theoretical foundations of the marketing and sales professions, in their new similarities and differences. Growth, digitalization, responsible leadership and the evolution of these professions are at the heart of this Major.

Participants with skills and experience as varied as their personalities are expected in this class, to offer a program that respects a balance in diversity: practice and methodology, teachers and experts, listening and speaking, group and personal work. All under the benevolent aegis that characterizes HEC Paris.

Master 1 (M1), Marketing - Offer design
2002 - 2006

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-SorbonneUniversité Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Master 1 (M1), Marketing - Offer DesignMaster 1 (M1), Marketing - Offer Design
2002 - 20062002 - 2006
With eight centuries of excellence behind it, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne is one of France's leading universities. It is destined to become one of Europe's major centers of research and knowledge in the 21st century.

Heir to both the Sorbonne and the Faculty of Law and Economics of Paris, as symbolized by its name Panthéon-Sorbonne, the University of Paris 1 today welcomes some 40,000 students divided into 14 Training and Research Units (U.F.R.) and 5 Institutes. It offers a full range of excellent training courses in the fields of Law and Political Science, Economics and Management, and Arts and Humanities.

Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, on one of the world's most illustrious campuses, it occupies, along with other universities, prestigious buildings: the Sorbonne, the Pantheon Law Faculty, the Institute of Geography and the Institute of Art and Archaeology.

One-to-one mentorship program
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200 €
/30 min (HT)
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Jean-Baptiste Jezequel

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Great experience on Better Call! In just a few clicks, we can easily organize a fruitful exchange with an expert on our current issue.

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Andréas Lambropoulos

CPO and co-founder of Tripartie

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In just 30 minutes of the call, JB was able to provide me with a wealth of highly actionable advice for the short term, no nonsense. We easily saved several hours of work.
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François Menjaud

Co-founder & CEO at Fygr