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Juliette Hervé

Growth Marketing Freelancer

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Juliette has been a Growth Marketing specialist for 7 years, including 4 in a challenging hyper-growth environment at Spendesk (26th French Unicorn). From the start until the series D fundraising, she set up the French Growth Marketing strategy, a market that has since generated the most revenue.

For the past 2 years, she has been helping companies create and optimize their marketing strategies. She also enjoys being a trainer and speaker on all topics related to Growth Marketing.

Overall, Juliette can help you with your 360° marketing strategy to help you scale. Let's talk about branding, personas, inbound marketing, growth hacking, social selling, SEO, data, nurturing, events, product marketing, recruitment, etc.

She is also very organized, always looking for ways to be more productive, and will share with you all of her templates and processes so you can easily replicate them in your company!

Nov. 2022 - today - 7 months

My role as an Advisor for Scalezia is to support their clients with very specific issues related to Growth Marketing during consulting sessions.


- Prepare the sessions and follow up.
- Provide strategic and operational recommendations.
- Train clients on various tools and methodologies.
- Co-pilot the growth of ambitious SMEs.

Growth Marketing Speaker
ECV Digital
Oct. 2021 - present - 1 year 8 months

My role is to train and share my expertise with students on topics related to Growth Marketing.


Define the course plan.
Prepare the materials, exercises, and assessments.
Present and facilitate the course sessions.
Support students during workshops.
Answer all their questions and guide them to the right resources.
Evaluate and provide feedback on the presented elements.

Lead Growth & Marketing
Sept. 2022 - March 2023 - 7 months

My role was to implement a powerful Growth & Marketing strategy and create a formidable team to establish JOIN as the essential player in web stories.


Define the short, medium, and long-term Marketing & Growth strategy.
Establish and monitor the Marketing & Growth team budget.
Understand and optimize the sales and customer lifecycle.
Optimize the website to boost conversions.
Launch new acquisition channels: SEO, SEA, Social Media, etc.
Support the Sales team in implementing the Allbound strategy.
Recruit talents (permanent and freelance) to strengthen our efforts.
Position JOIN as the reference for web story tools in France and internationally.

Marketing Manager France
Sept. 2021 - Sept. 2022 - 1 year 1 month

My role was to manage the entire acquisition strategy for the French market (France, Belgium, and Luxembourg) at Spendesk, as well as serve as the primary point of contact between the sales and marketing teams.


Establish a localized Allbound acquisition strategy for the French market.
Manage all physical and virtual events for Spendesk.
Implement comprehensive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns.
Manage all co-marketing and partnership campaigns.
Act as the preferred liaison between the sales and marketing teams.

Inbound Marketing Manager France
Oct. 2019 - Sept. 2021 - 2 years

My objective as an Inbound Manager was to optimize all acquisition channels and the entire conversion funnel at Spendesk.


Establish the content and lead acquisition strategy for the French market.
Bridge the gap between the marketing and sales teams (Smarketing approach).
Manage freelancers responsible for writing articles and white papers.
Create and optimize automated lead nurturing sequences.
Create and optimize dedicated landing pages on our website (SEO & SEA).
Implement co-marketing campaigns with partner companies.
Create and optimize paid lead acquisition campaigns.
Support the partnership team in their development and lead acquisition efforts.

Content Marketing Manager France
Oct. 2019 - Sept. 2021 - 2 years

My objective upon joining Spendesk was to establish a solid and comprehensive content strategy to generate maximum leads for the French sales team.


Establish the entire content strategy for the French market.
Create and promote one blog article per week (with prior SEO analysis).
Create and promote one webinar per month.
Create and promote one white paper per quarter.
Create and promote customer testimonials.
Manage social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo).

Assistante Webmarketing & Content Manager
August 2016 - August 2018 - 2 years 1 month

During this internship, I learned to be responsive, multitask, and highly organized. Through this experience, I learned to become more determined.


Redesigning and managing the company website (Wordpress).
Creating and sharing content (articles, videos, and infographics).
Implementing an inbound marketing strategy.
Creating and managing email campaigns (newsletters, satisfaction surveys, and updates).
Creating and managing Social Ads (LinkedIn).
Analyzing traffic and conversions.
Administering and writing for the "" blog.
Conducting thematic and competitive research.
Managing social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube).
Optimizing SEO.
Monitoring the management of SEA campaigns.
Participating in event organization (annual user club, seminars, and trade shows).
Creating and managing print campaigns.

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100 €
/30 min (HT)
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Better Call is now my go-to ressource when I need quick inputs from experts on a specific topics.

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Andréas Lambropoulos

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