Aurelien Aubert
CEO and Founder at Cargo
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Aurélien is an expert in data, engineering and growth, he worked as a lead engineer, founder and growth engineer.

He was one of the first Spendesk employees working as a lead developer in the growth team, working hand in hand with the sales and marketing team to boost revenue. He then swith to the product team working on the billing system and strategy.

He founded and lead several projects like Cargo and Truckit. His polyvalence and entrepreneurial spirit will be a major asset for strategic decisions.

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Founder & CEO
Sept. 2022 - today

Built on top of best-in-breed solutions for ingestion, transformation, and activation,

Cargo is the applicative layer that sits on top of your company data

Break silos, align your teams, maximize revenue and systemize your growth with Cargo.

Data Advisor
June 2021 - March 2022 - 10 months
Data advisor
Kili Technology
Dec. 2021 - Feb. 2022 - 3 months
Engineering Team Lead
June 2018 - Jan 2022 - 3 years 8 months

One of the first Spendesker, he worked as a Growth engineer and became quickly Engineer team lead

Software Engineer
March 2017 - July 2017 - 5 months
Software Engineer
Jul 2017 - Oct 2017 - 4 months
Co Founder & CTO
seven. 2016 - May 2017 - 9 months
Aurelien Aubert
100€ / 30 min