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Guillaume is an expert in customer service strategy, customer experience design and customer operations management.

He has a solid 8-year experience as an entrepreneur and 6-year experience as an employee of fast-growing startups including Stripe, Spendesk, Vybe, and Swan, working both on B2B and B2C environments.
Not sure on who to hire or how to structure your team? Need advice on how to support and retain your customers? Are you struggling to manage a high volume of customers? Want to make your customers' journey unforgettable? Better call Guillaume!

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Customer Operations Leader
August 2022 - today

Skills: Leadership - Customer knowledge (KYC) - Fraud detection - Customer experience - Customer service

Head of Customer Experience
August 2020 - August 2022
User Care Expert
Oct. 2018 - Sept. 2020 - 2 years
Customer success manager
Jul. 2018 - Sept. 2018

AlumnForce is a CMS for schools to create a social network for their Alumnis.
3 areas of expertise required:

Structuring the Customer Sucess Management project team:
- Recruit, train and manage one or more juniors within the project support team.
- Implement all tools and processes to maintain the level of excellence of the support team
- Establish weekly priorities
- Set up and evolve the performance indicators of Onboarding, support satisfaction and retention rate of AlumnForce.
- Develop or evolve quality procedures for Onboarding, support and cross selling.

Project management:
- Customer Onboarding: Study and parameterize the implementation of the solution for new networks.
- Ensure the regular follow-up of customers and the complete mastery of the product by the customer.
- Qualify and monitor the quality of deliverables.
- Manage the transversal projects and coordinate the actions carried out between the client and the different teams of AlumnForce.
- Animate customer trainings (remote / on site).

Consulting and coaching:
- Help and guide clients to achieve success using AlumnForce.
- Understand and guide customer needs.
- Increase customer product engagement by developing excellent customer relationships to build customer loyalty.
- Participate in the evolution of offers by providing feedback from the networks.
- Actively participate in the growth of the turnover with the implementation of new strategies to perpetuate and propose additional services or products (Upsell and Cross-Sell).

Business developer
July 2017 - July 2018 - 1 year 1 month

For a prominent FinTech player my missions were:

Multilingual Business Developer FR/EN :
- welcome potential users by presenting the company's services by email and phone;
- lead generation: define if the potential user is a major account;
- detection of the potential user's needs;
- user activation, follow-up;
- management of the relationship with the customers in the long term;
- user project follow-up and technical support;
- support for the integration of the service (via the API or modules developed by partners);

As the "Point of Contact" for my team my responsibilities were as follows:
- answer agents' questions about the product and workflows;
- Welcoming new agents to the team and assisting them during the first few weeks by checking if each of their answers comply with the expected quality standards (spelling, product knowledge), with the tone, then analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each one and carrying out "coaching sessions" so that they can become autonomous;
- create "standard answers" for the most frequently asked questions;
- replaying agent calls and analyzing tickets that received a DSAT.

Going beyond my duties I developed 2 tools:
- A mini website to help agents better understand our API by testing it directly;
- A web interface to automate the writing of response emails to users

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Guillaume Dretz
100€ / 30 min